Celtic Dragon - 20 Judgment

Soaring Eagle

Description: A green dragon is laying his hands upon a man who lies in a bad. Behind the dragon is a window with a celtic design. There are dragons carved on the foot of the bed.

Significant Details: The design in the window is the celtic tree of life. The green dragon symbolizes rebirth. The medallion that the dragon has symbolizes life, death, and rebirth.

My Interpretation: You may be visited by someone from your past. How you handle karmic issues will affect your life during this time. You may experience a change of job or home. This is a good time for making travel plans. You may feel the need to study a new spiritual path. You may face an unpleasant but necessary decision.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Why does the man not end his misery by opening his eyes and accepting the help of the dragon?


The woman seem in pain. Her hand show her pain. Maybe she is unable to speak because of that pain. It may be her last moment.

The dragon seems really maternal. Maybe this dragon know that a presence can go a long way. The dragon seems patient.