Celtic Dragon - 6 Lovers

Soaring Eagle

Description: There is a blue water dragon in a swamp, and an orange fire dragon on a ledge. They are trying to touch noses. There is a white bird off to one side on a rock, and there are cattails in the corner with a butterfly carefully perched upon them.

Significant Details: The heron represents the generation of life. The butterfly represents our soul.

My Interpretation: This is a period of attracting opposites. Tough decisions must be made based on facts, not emotions. You may encounter a new love, but this relationship may not be good for you.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Sometimes a union of opposites adds a little "spark" to a relationship, but over time this spark can turn into a raging fire. It will be a very tough decision to face, if it arrives.

Intuitive Story: As I am walking through the woods, I see two dragons trying to become more than friends. I feel very sorry for them, as theirs is a union that isn’t meant to be. The water dragon can not live out of the water, and the foreste dragon can not live in the water. There is a small bird watching them. The bird also seems to know that this union isn’t any good, as he has his head bowed, so as not to look.

What will happen if these two dragons touch? Will one be drawn to leave its natural habitat and try another? Oh, these poor dragons, one or both of them are sure to end up emotionally hurt over this union.

I take another path, but these two dragons remain in my thoughts as I continue to look for a nice secluded spot to rest and enjoy all of nature’s splendor


In this context, love may not exist but maybe it's the beginning of a friendship? The dragons are interested in each other, they look curious about the other. The way they are makes me think of telepathic communication, trying to exchange information. Maybe it's their first encounter and they don't know how to react.

Soaring Eagle

It could be curiousity. They want to know more about the other. I hadn't really thought of the telepathic part until now. They do seem to be communicating now that I look back on the card.