Celtic Dragon - Ace of Cups

Soaring Eagle

Description: There are four newly hatched baby dragons with a cup beside them in a nest on the river. There is a waterfall in the background and large rocks with faces on them on both sides of the river.

Significant Details: The faces in the rocks signify struggling past obstacles. The waterfall and cup symbolize life energies.

My Interpretation: You may make a fresh start that will leave you happy and content. You may experience a new love or possible pregnancy. This is a good time for fresh ideas. Your emotions may be running high during this time.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: What struggles must we pass before we make a fresh start? Everyone experience life differently, but sometimes we just need to enjoy the beauty around us to find a new beginning.

Intuitive Story: I have started on a journey to explore my emotions. As I am walking along a small river, I spot a nest of baby dragons newly hatched. They are so beautiful to watch. Their innocence is so vivid. One little dragon is looking at her reflection in the gentle river. She is discovering who she is.

I can see the waterfall further up the river, and hear its beautiful song as the waters fall and splash in a pool at the bottom. I am filled with joy and many other emotions. This is such a beautiful area. How can anyone not find joy here?

The faces in the rocks remind me of the struggles I have passed to reach this beautiful river and waterfall. I can easily look back upon these struggles now without any harsh feelings. I am going to continue on this journey, and see where it leads me.


I almost mistaken the dragons with frogs! A peaceful card. And serene.

Soaring Eagle

I almost mistaken the dragons with frogs! A peaceful card. And serene.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one. :) my first thought was "frogs" and then, as I was reading the description in the book, I looked closer and did notice that they were dragons. I was really wondering about why the artist put frogs in a dragon deck.