Celtic Dragon - Nine of Cups

Soaring Eagle

Description: A woman is reaching out to a large water dragon that is holding a cup full of jewels. There are eight cups set upon the beach at her feet.

Significant Details: The cups on the beach symbolize our right to ask for help in achieving our goals. The waves represent universal possibilities.

My Interpretation: This is a time to gain your wishes. You are entering a time of success, accomplishment and satisfaction.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: After gaining discipline(8) in our life, we will realize that we have the right to ask for help in attaining our goals(9), and we will find contentment(10).


The woman and the dragon seems to be in a discussion. They seems to disagree on some point but they are sorting things out. Both seems to know what they want.

I didn't remembered this card. It's been a while since I browsed through. But I must say I am happy to study the deck. This card seems to stir something in me in a good way.

Soaring Eagle

After taking several days off studying, I needed this card today. It was such a happy, pleasant card, and reminded me that it is okay to ask for help when I can't see a way out myself. It was a pleasant surprise. :)