Celtic Dragon-Page of Pentacles


A young boy stands next to his teacher dragon with his palm on the dragons forehead. whisps of dragons appear behind the figures, the poy wars a pentacle around his neck, the dragon holds a pentacle at his feet. in the lower left of the card, an orange and white cat and a green dragon are touching noses, a sign of affection.

A card of wisdom, harmony, and understanding. the dragons present are not threatening but relaxing, teh green dragon below is enjoying the company of hte cat. the larger dragon is in a thoughtful pose, although no discontent is present. teh book the boy holds is titled "teh meaning of dreams".

The boy is also wearing a green shirt beneath his brown tunic, showing taht he is ready for natural "green"magic, although he underplays his own role. intellegence and understanding are present in the entire card, a calm and serene scene unfolds.

everything falls into place