Celtic Dragon - Seven of Cups

Soaring Eagle

Description: A man is standing in front of a rock that has seven chalices, each filled with a different desire. Behind the man is a lake, and there is a large water dragon watching him to see which he will choose.

Significant Details: Jewels-Prosperity; Castle-Security; Heart-Love; Sword-Protection; Skull-Dangerous adventure; Wand and Scroll-Study and knowledge; Dragon-Astral guide to other realms.

My Interpretation: This is a time filled with daydreams, refusing to look at reality. You may not be fulfilling your responsibilities, possibly because you have too many projects working at the same time.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: When I line up the 6(Pleasure), 7(Daydreams), and 8(Lack of Discipline) I think the cards say that when we take time for our pleasures, we sometimes fall into periods of daydreaming and then we may find that we lack the discipline to return to the real world.

Which chalice would you choose? Why? Everyone at some point would choose something different. Maybe today you want love, but tomorrow you want protection.


The man is definitely on a quest. He have to choose. I don't think it is important what he choose. This card makes me think of the hero journey where the road traveled is more fruitful than the goal. In this case, I feel the various cups are the ice on the cake, a kind of little extra for the hard work.