Celtic Dragon - Seven of Wands

Soaring Eagle

Description: A woman is seen holding a sword in a defensive position. There is a large blue dragon behind her holding a wand, and six wands seen in front of them forming the edge of a glowing circle.

Significant Details: The spirals on the dress signify universal energy; the vines signify the power of manifestation. The tree of life on her belt signifies her connection to the subconscious mind. The wands signify willpower. The pyramid shaped scales on the dragon’s head symbolize the Cosmic Light necessary for regeneration.

My Interpretation: Endurance and stamina are needed to get through a rough patch, especially on an issue of importance to you. You should protect yourself from adversaries during this difficult time. There will be obstacles and difficulties in the near future, possibly due to a competition in something important to you.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: When I line up the 6(Victory), 7(Competition), and 8(Movement) the cards tell me that after gaining a victory, there may be competition, followed by rapid changes.

Intuitive Story: After leaving the small house, I continue on my path while thinking of all the things the young lady showed me in the scrolls. I spend a lot of time contemplating all that I have learned in this brief time.

I am walking through an isolated terrain, and eventually find myself nearing a cave. It looks like a good place to stop and rest. As I near the cave, I can hear noises from within, and am curious to know more, so I enter the cave. Before long, I notice that there is a woman with her back against a large blue dragon, and she is holding a sword to defend herself and the dragon. The dragon is holding a wand, possibly the woman’s, in its mouth, and there are six wands along one side of a circle, they create a magical aura that goes from them to the woman and dragon, constantly moving.

I wonder why the woman is being threatened. Why the need to defend herself and the dragon from the others, whom I can not see. The woman looks tired, and leans against the dragon. She notices me, as I draw near. She tells me that she has entered this competition, but now feels threatened, and just wants to rest. She is physically and mentally exhausted, and just needs some time to become centered before continuing in her competition. I can see that I am not needed here, so I go back to the cave entrance, and think about what I have seen in the cave.


The dragon gives his support to the woman. She seems strong, with willpower. Maybe she have proved herself to the dragon and he come to her aid. To me, she seems to be ready to put a spell, something magical. Don't know why but this makes me think of Lina Inverse. (-: