Celtic Dragon *Study Group* 7 of Swords

September Pixie

7 of Swords
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You are creating trouble through the wrong use of personal power. Failure of a plan may come about because of wrong motives. Do not snoop into the affairs of another; you will get burned. You feel cheated or wronged.

Soaring Eagle

Description: There is an open chest with a broken lock in a hallway. Above the chest are two tiny fire dragons breathing fire. A man is sneaking away with seven swords.

Significant Details: The swords represent power of magical knowledge.

My Interpretation: You may feel that someone has cheated or wronged you. You should be especially careful not to go snooping into other people’s affairs during this time. You may experience problems if you use your personal power for the wrong reasons. If your motives are wrong, a plan may fail during this time.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: As I line up the 6(Difficult Choices), the 7(Failure), and the 8(Indecision), I see that we must make difficult decisions at times, but we must not fear failure, or we will reach a point of indecision.

Intuitive Story: I have now reached the distant castle. It was indeed a difficult path, but I managed to pass my difficulties with ease, as my spiritual guide was with me. As I enter the castle, I begin to look around. I am amazed at the grandness of this place. It is so very magical.

As I am entering a hallway, I notice a man sneaking away. He hears me and turns to look at me. I see the two small fire dragons on the shelf, and a chest with a broken latch below the shelf. The fire dragons are roaring and breathing fire. They are upset at the man stealing these seven swords.

I want to tell someone, but who should I tell? This is the first person that I have seen in this castle. He is now gone. I do not even know who he was. My spiritual guide tells me that after a night’s sleep, I will have learned the lesson this castle wished to teach me.


The man is trying hard not to put the alarm on. He is cautious, on his guard. He is stealing, whatever if it is for a good reason or not. I wish I could read his mind. Is he a real thief or someone under pressure to steal?