Celtic Dragon - Swords Court Cards

Soaring Eagle


Description: A young boy is holding a small fire dragon on his hand. He is not aware that a second small fire dragon has set his scroll afire. There is a shield and a sword hanging on the wall behind him.

Significant Details: The scroll symbolizes spiritual messages. The shield represents protection and personal identity. The sword symbolizes strength and defense. The first small dragon represents spiritual guidance and teachers; the second dragon represents small events.

My Interpretation: You may have unexpected changes during this time. You may be feeling impulsive desires, but they can lead you to problems. This could be a troubling time for you.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This page is optimistic, enthusiastic, joyous, and free-spirited. He teaches us that we need to be more optimistic and enthusiastic if we wish to achieve our dreams.


Description: A young woman is flying dangerously close to the rocky mountain atop a fire dragon. She is holding a sword in her upraised hand.

Significant Details: The dragon represents astral energy. The stones represent primordial power. The mountains represent the gateways to the spirit realm.

My Interpretation: This is a time where you need to use caution expressing your religious or spiritual beliefs as you could be persecuted for these beliefs. You may have an unexpected misfortune in the near future.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This knight is adventurous, passionate, hot-tempered, ans sexy. She teaches us that it is alright to be adventurous, but that we need to maintain an awareness of our surroundings. We can even be hot-tempered and passionate as the situation requires.


Description: The queen is holding a brilliant sword in one hand and touching a large fire dragon with her other hand. She is wearing a crown with a red jewel in it. There are small fire dragons playing in the flames.

Significant Details: The sword symbolizes faith in the face of adversity. The dragon represents astral and spiritual guides and teachers. The crown symbolizes the goddess and connection to feminine power.

My Interpretation: This card indicates a powerful feminine influence. You may be faced with learning an important lesson that you have avoided. You may be tempted to use manipulation to get your way, but this could cause you problems in the future.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This queen is captivating, enchanting, warm, magical, and exotic. She teaches us to walk through the flames without fear.


Description: The king holds a sword in one hand and wears a crown. His throne is at the top of the stairs behind him. He is looking into a fire pit at a large fire dragon that is carrying a baby dragon on its shoulder.

Significant Details: The cavern represents primordial energies of creation-destruction. The sword represents strength of will. The crown symbolizes spiritual enlightenment. The throne symbolizes stability and security. The dragons are spiritual guides and teachers.

My Interpretation: This card suggests a powerful, but stubborn masculine influence who may be opposing you. Follow the rules when working on projects, or risk losing. You may need to find an attorney during this time. This is also a good time to gain self-control.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This king is spontaneous, charming, bold, and charismatic. He teaches us that we must follow the rules or suffer the consequences.

[size=+2]Overview of the Court Cards of Air:[/size]
From the page to the king we have learned to take responsibility for our actions. This is a very important life lesson.


The Page seems to be distracted by the little dragon on his hand. He isn't aware of the other dragon burning the scroll. He look like being easily distracted or easily shift his attention. He doesn't pay attention to his surrounding all the time.

The Knight goes forward. The dragons seems to say "Charge! I'm coming at you!". We must be careful not to be toppled by this Knight. It's really an action scene.

The Queen is surrounded by fire and dragons. She hold a sword that makes me think of a light saber. She isn't afraid of fire and she seems to play with it safely. The fire seems to protect her too.

The King is near the lava. Maybe he is coming here for advise from the red dragon. Or to meditate. He isn't afraid of this place. He seems to be at ease here.