celtic tree oracle (ogham)


does anybody use the celtic tree oracle? and can tell me some about how you like using it?



I have it, but don't use it as much as I'd like to. The cards are beautifully done, and it is easy to use, I just never get around to it.


I have it in my collection (in fact it was my first non-tarot deck I bought) but I only used it once for a friend and I remember it did not click with me. Maybe I should give it another try.

It is really beautiful and came in a nice wooden box.


Hi all,
I have both the Celtic Tree Oracle cards and the Celtic Wisdom Sticks. I really like both sets. I haven't used either one in several months. I would need to review before using them again. I got some good readings from them. Enjoy.


I have a fantastic book by Edred Thorsson called The Book of Ogham and if you are interested in this subject might be worth checking out. It has a really detailed interpretation for each one. I have always been meaning to discover the ogham more but since discovering tarot I have not looked back...


kayne, thanks for the name of this author, i looked him up and he has done some interesting books.