Celtic Wisdom Tarot: Favorite Cards and least favorite


Hi out there in Celtic Wisdom land!
Are you still there????
Or are there just the Ghosts
of long forgotten passions in these empty foggy moores?
It's October
and the veil between the worlds (real and on-line) are getting thin........
so here I submit to the Spirits that are
my choices for favorite cards:
1) the Renewer: the cauldrone of what is, what was and.....
--- did I mention, it is October??
2) The Morrigan =Queen of battle-- that Raven dress does it!
3) the Mingler beauty in meditation
4) the Lover beauty again
5) Woman of Art muse of the river
6) Queen of Art Brighit - no2 why is she in the deck twice?(-> the guardian)
7) foundation of Knowledge the Spirits!!--- did I mention, it is October??
8) woman of Battle movement in red
I better stop here...

Not so fond of:
The Balancer -ok, she is skinny like me and Justice is blind but----
somthing is missing
The Imaginer the moon usually one of my favorite cards but again-
somthing is missing

Oh Spirits of October rain!!!!
let there be life
in this thread again!
Mi Shell


The Artist

Olivia Rayner :) is a freelance illustrator based in Bristol UK, working
internationally and specialising in images for children's picture books
and related products:


We've gotten out our copy to begin rediscovering...
keep the fires burning ~ we'll be back soon. :love:


Edited to add: Pamela Colman Smith illustrated books,
sometimes for children, or the child within us all ~ :)

Many of the best decks, one soon finds, were created
by women who illutrated children's books. That is nice!
Who needs decks by guys who can't spell their names?


Hi Mi-Shell - I'm still here and I still love this deck! :) I work with it a lot, though it has taken me quite a long time to get used to the system.

Favourite cards? Where to start. I think one of my all-time favourites is The Guardian (The High Priestess) - I love the colours and the peaceful mood - sometimes I'd like to be in that card!
The Soul - I love the "dreaming" concept of this card.
The Challenger
Augury of Knowledge
and lots of others I can't remember off the top of my head...

I also like the Woman of Battle. And the Knight(?) of Battle is pretty cute too ;)