Chakra Oils


What are your experiences with chakra oils? I used them once and I think it helped, but can't remember much. I used them when I was living with my sister which was a disaster from the second I stepped into her apartment, so it is a bit hard to tell of it was working. Let's just say my spiritual journey was thrown way off track and I want to get in again. I heard bath salts are good too :)

I just want to start up again on my journey. Like I said, are chakra oils, another good tool? Note that I can't smell, I don't have a sense of smell, I guess the connection from my olfactory to my brain doesn't work(I had problems when I was born). :/ Will it still work if I can't smell? (I can taste though heh).


Coming from a hoodoo perspective, I don't think your sense of smell will affect the oils effectiveness at all. Though I have no experience with Chakra oils, I just don't see how your inability to smell them would cause them not to work. :)