Ok, so my chakras are so off balance and I really need to correct this.

Any tips on how to do it?



I think this depends on your belief system. There are a lot of chakra balancing audios out there...many are free on youtube. Personally, I work with Archangel Raphael to open and balance my chakras. If you want more info on this, let me know and I'll pm you details of how it works for me.

What makes you feel that your chakra are off? Do you know which ones?


I like to do a very basic chakra meditation where I rest my hands
over the chakra and visualize the area being infused with colored
light. The color corresponds to the chakra. So it goes something like

Root chakra: Hands on thighs, visualizing red light
Sacral chakra: Hands on lower belly, orange light
Solar Plexus chakra: Hands on abdomen above navel, yellow light
Heart chakra: Hands on chest, green light
Throat chakra: Hands gently over throat, blue light
Third Eye chakra: Hands gently cover eyes and forehead, indigo light
Crown chakra: Hands on top of head, white or violet light

If I'm feeling REALLY out of balance, I'll choose seven crystals or gemstones
that correspond to each chakra to use during the meditation. So for the
Heart chakra, for example, I might choose a rose quartz to rest on my chest,
then place my hands over it and do the meditation.

Very simplistic, but I've found it to be extremely helpful. :)

Briar Rose

Gather 7 crystals that relate to the 7 chakrasHold a clear point in your hand. With your other hand,

Start at your root chakra, and yup, you use it there .
circle counterclockwise 3 times, and then clockwise 3 times.

Do this for each Chakra.

You can also think about what River wrote. Those are great!

What you want to do is get the ossilary pulse of each crystal to tune each chakra to it's proper ossilary rate.


I can speak only from experience. once the imbalance came from a chemical imbalance. The dose of my ADHD med was wrong dose...they switched me from extended release to immediate release and it made a huge difference regarding my anxiety level.

Not saying anything biological is wrong but I just wanted to post in cases you have a diagnosis that requires medication.
I would recommend seeing a physician to get checked out, on the off chance it could be some virus, infection, or med issue.