Hello all, just wanted to get your input here. I bought a book on channeling and wondered if any of you have tried it or if you do it all the time or if you think I would be better off leaving this alone.

I became interested in trying it really because my Father died last Jan.,and I feel him around me alot,I have even had dreams I think
where he actually spoke to me, telling me in his time it would be very soon that we all would be together again.

My problem about it is this: The first time I tried nothing happened
,the second time I drifted off to sleep during and found myself in a dark place with lights far off, The lights were advancing and became the shapes of people,they were gliding not walking.The
people kept advancing to me. I could feel their desperate longings
for something, it was overwhelming.They all began speaking at once but their words were nonsense.They still advanced and my fear became extreme. The man who made it closet to me seemed to sense my fear,He took on the apperance of my husband I think to calm me,it had the opposite effect and I screamed for all I was worth,like I had done as a child to get out of my nightmares.I have heard if you can connect with your spirit guides,they can help you on your path in life, is it worth it.Would you venture further?


My opinion, for what it is worth..
This is something that should be attempted only by people with advanced "psychic skills" for complete lack of a better word!
I believe that each person sends out their own frequency/vibration and will attract spirits in channelling based on this frequency- like a radio station. The average person isn't going to attract a wise, loving spirit guide, but rather confused, earth bound spirits.
Increasing your frequency can be done many ways- meditation, diet, spirituality, reiki, energy work etc. But it's hard long work!
Dang, I wish I was better at expressing myself!
Anyway- it's something I'll leave to the experts. Great skills in protection and a higher vibration are definitely pre-requisites or else you are just asking for trouble.
there are actually quite a few older posts to be found in this forum that discuss this topic really well.


i couldn't agree more with butterfly.

about 13 years ago i attempted what i think you are trying to do. it caused great havoc in my life. i had spirits in my home, moving things around, turning the vcr on and off, the tv..........we couldn't sleep during the night, it was really scary.

now, as i am more enlightened, i wouldn't even consider doing this again. (not that i'm way up there or anything) but i am considerably farther along my path now. as a reiki master/teacher.........i still wouldn't.

so, follow your heart......if you feel that you should, then put lots of protections around yourself and follow what you believe is best for you.

sometimes, just because others choose not to, doesn't mean that it's wrong for you.

in light, :)


My aunt...

My aunt was running a motel in town and I was staying the week end with her, it was around 11:00pm we were watching the Jefferson's (about 15 years ago) anyway as we were sitting there, I saw a spirit pass in front of me (misty with misty facial features) and in just a second or two she let out an awful howl!
I ask her what was wrong and she says,"Something just passed right through me!" I told her I saw it go passed me, and she had a fit, why didn't I tell her? What was I suppose to say? "Auntie I see them all the time and if I say anything you all think I nuts they won't hurt you they just pop in for a visit every now and then..."
Well this spirit followed her evey where and moved with her every time she moved and gathered up others that it came across and they stayed to...
Finally she moved into a house in the woods and there were more there...(major activity) lights, doors, appliances, you name it...
Some of the boys friends came over(teens) and they were sitting in the kitchen and the frig opens and such and they got to talking about the spirits in the house, my Aunt puts her hands in the air and says" if there are any spirits in this house take my hands" she said it was like taking ahold of an electrical current and she could not get loose on her own she was screaming and being lifted up off the chair she was sitting on her son grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back down.
As she would say, she packed her shit and got the hell out of dodge.
As far as I know they(spirits) are still at that house...No one lives there for very long.
I see nothing wrong with talking to spirits just don't invite them to do anything, especially if you don't know what your doing and especially in jest...
I believe that these spirits knew she was headed for that house in the woods and just hitched a ride with her...
What do you think????


sounds feisable............or maybe it was her guides way of opening her up to such things but she chose not to.

in light,


it's a fine line

Hi Wishcrafter

Agree with what been said but I think......
it's far too soon for you to contact your father, Have you thought about going to see a Medium instead? My Mother died 6 years ago and one year just seemed like yesterday, even though I accepted her death straight away. But everyone dealing with stituation differently, so you do what you feel is right for you.

I've tried channeling about 8 years ago and it's not something that I recomend if you don't know much about it. You use guides etc. to help you as and low enterty may feel, sound like your father but it could be someone else. Sorry I don't want to fighten you or anything but you need to protect yourself BIG TIME!!

Also when I was doing it I recorded my voice and it was one of my guides but I didn't really like the feeling as I was too open at the time and didn't know much about it.
Can you join a local spiritualist church or a circle??they would be able to point you in the right direction.

You can be playing with fire!!

I can talk to spirit when I want or if they want to come to me but once when I was giving a friend a tarot reading I could feel and speak to 2 people who had killed themselves and I could not get ridd of them when I wanted to, as they was at lower energy. After a few days I just told them to go to the light.
But all my dreams and everything was totall madness.

Maybe you should have a friend with you if you want to do it but for me I wouldn't do it again. Also make sure that your in the right frame of mind and nothing is bothering you. If you have problems in your life you will open the door for unwelcome visters.

I don't want to come across as if I'm the all mighty as I've only little experience in channeling but alot regarding spirit Transfigurations and spinning tables also have a odd joke with spirit.

Good luck anyway



Thank You all for the imput, I think I will open that door maybe
at another time,when I am more advanced and able to protect
myself better.

I am going to focus on my growing Love of Tarot, in all it's artistic
forms, I have so so much to learn.

I also have three young sons and would'nt want to unleash
anything in our house.

Thanks All.


I have not had any experience with this at all but in reading this thread I wondered if you might want to do a cleansing on your house now.
I mean you did try it once and had a very weird experience. Maybe a house cleansing might be a good idea. Anyone else think so??? jade....butterfly....want do you think?


hey a house cleansing, IMO, is always a good idea. not only does it get rid of anything negative but it also brings in lots of positive energy and some movement into those stagnant areas of your life!

in light,
jade :)


whats channeling? whats the point of it?