channelling, what it is, and how to do it


this book is written by lita de alberdi
published in 1998
153 pages

. introduction
1.all about channeling and their guides
2. working with energy
3. preparing to channel
4. psychic protection and clearing
5. the channeling activation
6. after channeling the way ahead
7. channelling for others
8.channeling on special issues
9. common questions about channeling
10. focused extracts from guides.

one thing of interest for me was the person studied with orin and daben, the guides channelled by duane packer and sanaya roman and so carries on much the same work.

in reading the channeling activation part , she does add in a bit more visualizaiton that wasn't in the opening to channel book. this I feel is because it is an newer book, she studied other places and teaches how to channel self before she wrote this book so it would natural to add one own touch on it.

in her chapter on channeling special issues , it delves into channeling past lives, and chakras which would be handy for people to practice I think.

she also goes in 2 to 3 pages of the 7 planes of existence with the monad .

the last chapter with the her guides focused extracts I realize is to be like little teachings to help channel devlop so they might come for a quickie advice on say on personal guides, then transcending guides.

so for 153 pages it is more concise as it needs to be.
I find interesting for me how she developed as a channel in her introduction.

she says in all about channelling chapter that she prefers to distinguish between channeling and medium.
and says that mediums are valuable yet she prefers to focus on higher energies then people who have passed on.

so this book focuses on channeling and no mediumship is focused on.

you do see later books talk about spirit guides and mediums as a bridge but here they are set apart.