character archetypes in tarot


Something fun about making a tarot deck based on fandoms is pinpointing the archetypes symbolized in tarot and linking them to characters from those fandoms. My favourite examples right now are for Knight of Cups.

"You are the Dread Pirate Roberts and Inigo Montoya, Sir Lancelot, Kara “Starbuck” Thrace, Zorro, Elizabeth Swan, Iron Man on a good day, and the ancestors of Assassin’s Creed. You are the Malcolm Reynolds the browncoat captain and Bo the succubus lost girl. You are Bond, James Bond. You are some versions of Robin Hood but not others. You are a hardboiled detective. You quest for both the grail and the ale. You are a rogue paladin. Your rollergirl name is Bourbon Legend." (Okay that last bit was just for laughs)

"You are Gatsby. You are Tony Stark on a bad day. You are Leonardo DiCaprio’s characters from both Inception and Shutter Island." "You are one of several fiction vampires be they interviewed, bleach-haired, sparkly or obsessively counting, but you are also Faith the vampire slayer. You are Frank N. Furter. You are Dorian Grey."

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What fictional characters would you link with certain tarot cards?

Girl Archer

I could be wrong here but I think definitely Tony Stark has gone from being a Knight of Swords (I say swords because I haven't seen a knight of wands do as much verbal baiting as he does) to a King of Wands, especially when he chooses to dismantle the Weapons division of Stark Industries and takes his responsibilities and positions more seriously. Oh, him on a bad day would be Knight of Wands. Doing crazy, stupid moronic things like handing out his address or his self-destructive spree in the first half of the second Iron Man movie, particularly all the hard partying and secrecy from Happy and Pepper, not to forget that disastrous Monaco Grand Prix where he almost died at the hands of Ivan Vanko! But on the best days, he is bold, brilliant, inspirational, and a conscientious leader who nearly died saving the Earth. If you can't tell from my rant, I think he is pretty great :love: