Chariot Spread


This is a spread I came up with to do my monthly youtube readings. I'm really enjoying it and so are my subscribers. Though I didn't get it from any source but my head, it strikes me as so obvious that I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if someone else has come up with exactly the same thing.


You (or client) in the present moment (the charioteer)

2 and 3
Foundations that are moving forward with you (wheels of the chariot)

4 and 5
What is moving you forward (horses--or sphinxes)

Where you are headed/your destination or outcome

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What I found particularly intriguing in my September readings is that the "horse" cards were frequently opposites, just as they are represented as black and white in most tarot decks. I use the same spread for both general and love readings and it could certainly be used for career as well. I hope it proves useful to others.