Chi-Chi Chinese Fortune Teller


Is anyone familiar with this "daily fortune teller"? It is 78 bamboo sticks numbered from 1 to 78 with a book of fortunes in rhyme.


Hi MeeWah,

I've never heard of it, but it does sound interesting. "Chi" means energy in Chinese and I'm wondering if it's similar to biorhythms?


AG: Just saw your post.
This is a fortune-telling device that can be used on a daily basis. The bamboo sticks are in a sturdy cylindrical container. The container is carefully shaken in a sharp downward motion until only one stick drops out. This is harder to do than one would think--it's all in the wrist. If more than one stick falls out, they are returned to the container & the process is repeated.
The number on the stick is the fortune. The accompanying book lists the fortune by number. "Your Luck for Today" is a couplet; "Your Fortune for Today" is a 4-line poem; & 2 bits of advice/suggestion.
I have used it on & off over the years. My kids have had fun with it--they see it as more of a game.
For example:
15=Your Luck for Today~
Ten and Five is sure to mean
The best of luck, for they make "Fifteen".
Your Fortune~
In great demand for social things,
At dinners, play or ball;
You'll win new friends and keep the old
And be beloved by all.
An unpleasant and expensive experience by which you will afterwards benefit.
You will get your wish.


pretty please.........

hey meewah,

will you pull (flick) one of those chi fortune sticks for me.

i could use some advice right now.




Hey guys, at first I didn't recognize the divination system you talked about.
But then when you mentioned bamboo sticks and the cylinder, the word " Chim" comes to my mind.
I believe it is a "chim" said.
for us chinese, we go to the temple, pray to the god and then we take the cylinder (Chim Tung) and shake it.
a chim(the bamboo stick) will fall out. There's a number on it that's equivalent to a poem stuck on the wall of the temple.
You can pay and ask the man to explain the meanings of the poem to you. I've never tried it before.


Hello MeeWah,

yes, I know and have this oracle. I like it a lot, though I don´t really use it. What I would like to do one day is to search for parallelities between the sticks and the cards, but I didn´t do it yet.
This oracle has a very "good feeling" for me.



Jade: Give me a wee bit & I shall get back to you. According to tradition, if this is consulted after sundown, it represents the fortune for the next day.
Silvereye: I think the version you refer to is probably the original way of using this, because it has been in use for centuries!
The version I have is supposed to be a translation, after its author had his fortune told in a Chinese Joss House. The book does not name the author/translator but does give credit to its ancient origins. The year 1915 is listed as the copyright.
Kimon: I like this for its rhyming fortunes. The rhymes are clever, & give one something to think about.


thanks meewah, you can even just email it to me if that's easier.

in light,