Choosing a word: what is yours?


I came across a great blog post last week (there's a link at the end of this) which put forth something that's new to me. I plan to use it in the coming year to give me focus.

All it involves is choosing a word. :)

My word for 2012 is "manifest." Every so often I'm going to use one of the ideas given by the original blogger to bring/keep the idea into my consciousness. I thought I'd start a thread here to make note of what I'm doing and how my word is coming into play and affecting my life over the next 12 months.

Here is the link to the blog:

If this idea intrigues you, I hope you'll try this and join me here to share your journey. A very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you all.



A very interesting blog. Thanks for posting it OG. :thumbsup:

The other day I was thinking that I need to be more creative and continue with my writing this year and get things published. There's so much going on in my mind that needs to be written down in paper. lol. Thus the word for 2012 for me would be 'Creativity'. I need to let those creative juices flow and give life to the world of stories inside my head. :D


An interesting idea. My word for 2012 will be 'Vision'.

So what vision unfold for me this year?


Those are both great words! I'm glad this concept appealed to you both. :)

I've printed out the freebie worksheet ("Word of the year discovery tool") and will post my discoveries (if any) later.


Pondering this... I think my word will be "prosper," encompassing both material and non-material goals, and consciously focussing on making it a positive action (as opposed to, say, "avoid poverty" or "do not stagnate," a sort of negating stance).


"Prosper" is a great word, annabel. There are so many ways in which to be prosperous!

So I've written my word, "manifest", on sticky notes and stuck them to my desk, my dresser mirror, and my refrigerator. Every so often one will catch my eye and remind me of itself, which I really like. It sort of keeps it in my consciousness in a very gentle way.

Blue Fury

The first word that popped into my head when I saw the title of this thread was...I'm ashamed to admit it ....'inertia'. Lol!

I'm hoping that was a typical knee jerk reaction of being a negative Scorpionic water sign and not indicative of how my year is going to pan out, although I believe some clever philosopher once said 'it takes a wise man to know himself' - or something like that. I have been lacking in motivation for quite some time now and need a swift kick up the ****

I think my word for 2012 must be 'action'. I'm fab at being creative and planning things in my head, but often fall short of bringing those ideas to fruition. In fact, I've been promising myself my very NoWriMo, which I originally planned for December but as hubby was very ill and our rescue cat has potentially got a serious illness too, I had a perfect excuse to delay it.

So here we go, 2012, I am going to 'do' stuff this year instead of just 'saying' I'm going to do it :)


My word for this year is - ME:D


I've picked the word "healing". I'll try to do visualizations again centered around the theme of "healing".


My word for 2012 is... comm...commit...

COMMITMENT!! THERE I've said it!