Chronata's Spread


I looked throughout this site to see if anyone else used a spread like mine, and although I found a few similar ones, I have not found anything exactly like it...

I have been using this nine card spread for about twenty years. I developed it myself, and even now I continue to add meaning to it!

This is THE spread that I use, and it has served me very well for a long time.
Just thought I would share it with you all!

After shufling the cards, I or my client cuts the deck.

The first three cards off the top I lay in the first row...(this is the present)

The next three cards off the top I lay beneth this row...(this is the future)

The BOTTOM three cards from the deck, I lay above the first cards...(this is the past)

it lays out like this:
*7*8*9* (from the bottom , after the cut)
*1*2*3*(from the top, after the cut)
*4*5*6*(also from the top)

Now I read across, horizontally,as past present and future...

BUT I also read Vertically down as Past, (7, 1, 4) Present (8, 2, 5) and future(9, 3, 6)

With the number 7 card representing the furthest past, the 6, being the furthest future of the matter, and the 2, being the heart of what is happening RIGHT NOW!

Reading across, I read each card individually, most of the time,

while the cards downwards are read in groups of three.

Sometimes there are new and different meanings attatched to the same card, read in a different position.
I do not read reversals, but I find that the "reversed meanings" can still show up, in the leaps of intuition.

And not to confuse you more...but I have also found great patterns in this 9 card spread...I often read position 8 as aspirations, or what is hanging directly overhead...and position 5 as the foundation of the matter, with 1 as a passing influence and 3 as a future one,(in a semblence of a celtic cross reading!)

Occassionally, I also see the diagonal cards as opposites or dualities in harmony(top left to bottom right) or disharmony(Top right to bottom left)

I hope that this descrption is clear enough! I love this spread, and although I have used others, this is my favorite, that I find myself always going back to!


Your spread is definitely unique. I kinda actually get it too...I'll have to try it and read with it....but I'll get it.

I bet live readings from you are awesome. :)



Hey there Sarah!

Thanks so much for the compliment! (grin!)

I love doing this spread...and of course this post is just the beginning of it! 9 cards is a magic box, and there are a bunch more ways of reading a single throw!
I just didn't wanna confuse anyone further!

But if you have any questions, just let me know!

I would love to do a reading for you! Especially a live one! You are one of the most intuitive tarot readers I have met! Definately one of the best!


That is a nice spread, Chronata, thanks for sharing it. Do you still use it? It's been a while :) since you posted it!

Do you read it also with the Tarot de Marseille? I do, and it works well because it is so flexible and gives you the freedom you need. Are you reading with TdM style decks at all? I don't own it, but I really like your Tarot Noir a lot from what I've seen online!

The spread also reminds me of the Lenormand Grand Tableau (that i never really did, I have no idea of Lenormand, but what I read about it sounds fascinating). Like a mini Grand Tableau for the Tdm. That's at least how I use it!