Chronicles of Destiny


Before you get too far, have a look at the pinned guidelines thread at the top. It links to an index thread for each deck and these link to a separate thread for each card. Then people can add more posts for each card without them all getting jumbled up in one massive thread :livelong:.

Oh my bad. I'll have a look and start a proper thread for this. Didn't realise there was a procedure...


please let me know where it is. i have opened my new deck today and want to start studying the cards with you. i have not done any readings with it yet.


Haven't had a chance to open the new thread yet! Definitely want to get studying on these cards they are pretty great to work with although I've had a few weird combinations come up in the past.

Because of the nature of the cards as a story, the creators have said they can't really be used on their own and work better in two card spreads to get the feel, so maybe we can do card combinations starting with the first and second, first and third and so one to explore the meanings. It might take awhile though!!


I'll get this thread added as the index thread. I will also create threads for what is already started (card 1, etc) and add those to the index as well.

Have fun!


Discussion Thread (this one!)

Index Thread

Card 1 - The Enchanted Emporium


WolfSwan, I am interested in joining once I get my CoD cards. I blame you. ;) Hee hee.


Still happening?

Hey all, I just received this deck last week and am living it. Is the study group still on the table?