Ciro kiper, 2 main female


Today card is the 2/main female

She is a beautiful lady who is the embodiment of the ideal woman of the Victorian age. Her face looks as if she desires you , yet she is shy for she is still not yet married and so she is not yet deflowered. So that is what the flower is in her hand that symbolises she wants to give to you. As she isn’t the lady of privilege , she would be a middle class or perhaps the best of the lower class type of woman. In my mind jane eyre comes to mind when looking this description to say she could do it all, play the piano , not expertly and the same with her singing is ok. As I looked up the scene again, it is said mr rochestor admires her artwork, so while the main female isn’t the best , she can does have her talents.
And let’s not forget that jane loves her honesty while another main female in another story might love flattery. The flowers on the table are white (not sure what kind for I do not know flowers ) but the colour is the intent for it shows she isn’t desiring to be courted only for the money, or for the status but for what the type of man her suiter may be (or suiteress in today age). The main female may be a sign of the times in that her parents are most likely deceased but she could have some money left by them as she is able to save herself for marriage and isn’t working far as this picture shows , like the women in the factories (I am thinking les miserable musical movie ). Of course this could be a false image depending on false person , and aka she could be at her best here and really doesn’t’ have that much money, or status (then again don’t’ dates represent the best foot forward).
One thing that comes to mind is on fantasy island there was a lady who was a courtesan, and tatoo says you mean “she is a “ and mr Rourke says “yes a lady of the night “ so perhaps she is the highest courtesan.
Hmm it is important to remember the Victorian age wasn’t just in old England but they had it as well in the new country , most likely the big cities like new York comes closest to how things were in England where it comes to positon, and living. So looking it up on google, the first woman had a medicial degree in 1840, first dentist was 1895, and there was woman authors due to the type writer , and the phone lead jobs to operators. (also the typewriter lead to secretary jobs perhaps). There was at least one woman lawyer (rare) but I don’t know the citation for it.

Guide book
She is important to the reader, most likely the person that they want to court. It is important that for priviledge lady she is the same sex partner (least in one guideline) .

Positional reading.
This would be an hard one for ideally you would be asking about love possibilities and she shows up. , but suppose you ask about business partner and she shows up. And if a person hasn’t studied they might assume she wouldn’t be that good at least based on the image. But because she is educated, elegant yes but most likely works in some fashion,, she would be better to show up here then say the privledge lady (unless you for sure has a wealthy investor lined up ) for she could surely help.
And let us not forget that it is 2017 , not 1897 so a woman in today age has many career opportunies , and educations and so could help in a great deals of ways.

Well the reversal shall have to act as if the false person is besides her and that she isn’t the woman you should be pressuring but that is too basic., it could mean that she can not help you, that perhaps you like her yet she doesn’t love you as much as you care for her. If you reverse her and see her head isn’t pointed at the heavens anymore but hell, that perhaps she is heading there for she doesn’t know what she is doing.. or she is just a nasty person at the most extreme. It is in our nature to try to help people so perhaps a person can be stuck trying to change a person from their extreme nature and that is how people get involved in hard relationships. (that is the same if we got the main male, this isn’t exclusive to the woman is the trouble and the man is blameless. If we had him it could easily be him that is in this position for it is 2017 and sexes are equal ).
Either way for me people cards are hard to read for I tend to see them as people instead of say the innerself, or some force like at the stretch perhaps the main female could be a ship, car, a dog, if the emotion of the client to the object is very powerful.
(why not a ship instead of main female for a captain, well as I wrote that I thought to myself the ship would be traveling by sea and not in particular one ship).

2 card combos

18 child 2 main female top right to middle.
The lady really loves her child, she is her reason for living, and so if you going to pursue her , you have to prepare to be a father.

19 coffin reversed 2 mf top to bottom
She is unwilling to face the forthcoming death of her relative and that is why she is pushing you away. Her heart is in great amount of pain, your choice is to give her space , or really work to share her grief.

30 judication main female top right to middle
There are some decisions to be made,, here for the main lady to move forward

27 unexpected income , mf right to middle
There is some good money coming to the lady in question, I do not know if she is really lucky in bingo. But it Is worth investing in her.

16 thoughts reversed , 2 main female bottom right to middle
The lady seems to have some trouble focusing her mind, it is best for her not to make any decisions right now.

1 main male reversed, main female
The man it would seem isn’t right for the woman, (what if you asked if she is right for you, and this shows, that perhaps you are not right for her )

25 high honor reversed , 2 main female bottom right to middle
The high honors she was looking for will not be given to her, her chance has been missed.

22 offical person main female
He will help her out , he is coming in her future (I see left as future) so she should look for him.

As you may notice is the two cards were all taken from the 9 card spread , good training for someone who wants to do the bigger 9 to 18 to the 36 spread.

3 card practice with the main female being first, middle, and last.
38 toils and labour , 9 change, 2 main female
She is working hard to change her life, and also to raise above her hard working, as her body is suffering working so hard.

26 great fortune reversed, 2 main female 11 sudden wealth reversed
It is hard to say for reversals are not always the opposits, because these cards so positive I think she will get sudden wealth and it will be big, but it will be a long time coming.

35 pathway , 15 lovers , 2 main female
She will find her lover however it will take a long hard path to do it,, she shouldn’t give up.

Some random questions off the top of the head

1. Tell me about my spirit guide
2 main female, courtship reversed, distant horizons revsed
Your spirit is female, she has been trying to work with actively a long time, via dreams. She isn’t from a far off country but is more local. She knows a great deal about life through her education and she accepts you as you are.

2. What can I do right now to make my life better
13 wealthy man, 2 main female, poverty reversed

Stop being so hard on yourself for you are a good person. You may had a hard life but it isn’t holding you back if you let go of it. The wealthy man likes you and wants to help you though it may not necessary lead to romance.

3. Can I ever meet my favourite star
12 priviledged lady , 10 jourey, 2 main female

Yes you will meet her, you will have to travel to meet her though, and perhaps you will have to try to arrange her at a more private place as trying to meet her at the arena will not work. (due to the private look at the setting the main female is in )

I did a tiny little shuffle here for this part,, the last 3 questions I put the main card first, in the middle and last. But now it will be random

4. How can I impress my boss
2 main female, 13 bad health reversd, 17 gift reversed

Ok the main thing is don’t’ butter up the boss with gifts , the boss find that is so phoney from her past experience. Also don’t’ come to work with a cold she hates when it happens. And finally she wants you to treat her like a woman and not just a boss.

5. How can I read the kipper better
7 letter, 2 main female reversed, 8 false person

The main thing is the false person being next to the main female reversed is to ask ourselves why is the main female looking to reversed herself ? well since the falseness would indicate that we must trust our intuition more. The letter here shows that we must pay attention to the message that is being give , and perhaps take out some of our ego from the letter when we deliver it.

6. Can I make a good chef
3 marriage reverse, 42 theif reverse , 2 main female

You are a good cook but you are not really commited and you would look at it as a rip off of your years for you are not really commited to it, you find it interest but it isnt’ your passion

Ok reading with reversals in the kipper (which I don’t think is normally done but it is now 2017 so if you use reversals why not ( if you don’t’ use reversals just upright it in your mind , perhaps some day you will )

Let’s say in theory the person asks why is the woman I love so miserable lately,, and I shuffled the cards and the heart card(in the middle) was the main female reversed., and it ended in the middle (it happens more then you think when you do a reading and the miracle card shows up unless you do a lot of readings and you know what I am talking about )

The frames
21 family room reversed, 28 expectation, 34 occupation reversed topline

She has high expectations about her life, but she hasn’t been able to find even a job where she can get by, and so her home is starting to suffer, perhaps she can’t pay her bills or wants to get good stuff for her house but can’t.

34 occupation reversed 14 message of concern, 39 community top right to bottom right

She wants to help her community , however her community isnt’ helping her and has given her messages of concern and perhaps she feels it is hard to find a job in her community because of that.

39 community, 33 concerned reversed, 32 despair bottom right to the bottom left

And so the community of friend she has find her cooled off , and she herself has shut herself off for she doesn’t’ want to give into despair.

32 despair reversed , mature woman reversed , 21 family room reversed

She seems to have a connection to a mature woman that either was hard on her,, or no longer in her life perhaps she was aunt she had when she was young. , that too is why she didn’t want to despair , and so her family room she wants to fix up to move on past this.

Reading the center of the frame (this time I will start on middle left instead of top left just to explore )

6 mature woman reversed, 2 main female reversed , 14 message of concern

These two woman could be related for they are both reversed so the mature woman raised up the main female and she took on some of her negative traits of her mom or aunty, and they sure like to argue. The main female has just received a message of concern about the mature woman who doesn’t appreciate the big deal made of her surgery.

21 family roomreversed, 2 main female reversed, 39 community top left to bottom right

The main female here has fallen on hard time for her family room is starting to suffer. Her community wants to help but she won’t let them as she is proud. (but getting angry due to her misfortune s)

28 expecation , 2 main female reversed, 33 concern reversed, top middle to bottom

The main female has great hope that concern help she been getting will help her and perhaps her expecations are unrealistic for since she is reversed , she could be to much into the fantasy like hopes it will get 2 sessions and voila not realizing mental health care can take years depending on the situation.,

34 occupation reversed, 2 main female reversed ,32 despair reversed

She is sad ,, but she won’t let it get her down, however she is raging as she hasn’t let it out, and so perhaps she has sabotage her self from finding a good job. Or worse not really trying to start her job.

Soul message (not a real soul message of course for I took the main female card and put her into the soul message to see where she ends up ).

This is unique,, there is 4 cards left so the soul message will be 5 cards .

0. Soul message (let’s act as if we had two main female cards and she will was still reversed in the main reading )

2 main female, 5 mature man, 20 house reverse, 23 court house reverse, 29 imprisonment.

Wow, anything with a prison card can’t be that good , but let see

The spirits want you to accept the mature man help for he has good intentions yet do not hold on to the house , for you can’t afford it and so you won’t win in the courts, and you will go to debtors prison .
(remember just recently in north America we had the housing boom but because of mortages and such,, people couldn’t’ keep their houses all they could do was prolong staying in the houses long as they could. This is referring to the loans to lower classes to get into houses they couldn’t’ afford ).