Ciro kipper, 12 privileged lady study


12 priviledged lady


This is the archtype of the famous belles like pride and prejudice, and how southern bells dress in the movies. As such with the main female whose focus is inside the house in her best presenting room , here the lady is outside for the land represents her wealth that a man could expect a nice dowry in her marriage. So the lady is dressed in virginal white which symbolizes her purity and she is up on the fashions of the time with the hair and umbrella. It should be noted that the umbrella keeps her out of the sun so she doesn’t’ burn herself in the bright sun.
The lady of the time wasn’t design to be educated , though a female should she desire could highly educate herself, in the time she had to hide it so she could be desired. The education that was thrust on her was “morals “ and how to entertain like sing. Yet a priviledged lady had to understand the game of thrones !! aka the rules of high society and how to thrive. And so you see in her eyes a lady who is able to judge well (based on what she was taught ) the suitors that pursued her. It is most likely that this isn’t a direct glance and so she is able to really show her intelligent as she looks before she will have to look away in otherwords take things in for what they are.
Let us say in a different story that you not looking for desirability but you are friends with people but only one priviledged lady who could be a debutante and so quite new to the game. It is important that you strive to help her as you go to ask for your aid for her look will take you all in ideally in a novel.
It could be the debutante being naïve despites the rules she was taught could be foolish if this card was reversed, and might not understand business. Speaking of that let us move on.

Here it is important to pay attention to her suroundings in a many card spread for if you see a false person it shows she is just an act and she isnt’ what she says. Which means her heart wouldn’t be golden like she portrays or perhaps at the worst male discrimination,, she is a heck of lot smarter then she appears having learned the game from her aunts, grannies and mom. It says she is the partner to wealthy gentleman. The main thing is she really has no worries, so it speaks to comforts and how things can go well. Perhaps think of Cinderella in the recent movie before her dad died.

Besides the possiblites of easy life, or work to hide your abilities (false person speaks to great deceit , here it speaks to necessities of status), this would be a person card of some wealth, some understanding of politics ideally but perhaps pracitically like caroline of 2 broke girls only after she lost her money does she understand practicality.

Here it would speak of how negative the person is, not so much about how much she isnt’ a lady of priledge but how she misuses it,, perhaps being really mean to her servants (or her workers as she is no doubt an owner or high placed lady) it could even be that she doenst’ understand the ways of the politics/society and so could be a country bumpkin. In a recent Christmas movie I saw where the governess marries the prince this could be 2 fold, one that she is no lady of priviledge but is good hearted, and two she is a mean lady of privileged who would do mean things to achieve her goals.

I reversed her first , and will in the later spread upright her for educational purposes.
Two card spreads

17 gift reversed, 12 priviledged lady reversed upperight to middle
The lady is seeking to get herself out of her dilemena with a gift that will not be well received for the decision has already been made.

33 concern reversed,12 privledged lady middle to top
The lady will not be happy for she can’t stop thinking about the past,, and how it is haunting her. That is why she will not do the right thing but come from the emotions.

22 offical person reversed , 12 priviledged lady reversed top right to middle.
These two are at odds ,it could be they had a falling out as they sincerely possibly hate each other if not dislike each other. Perhaps she wouldn’t give him money,, or he tried to black mail her.

23 court house reversed, 12 priviledged lady reversed right to middle
She is going to have a day in court that will be delayed. Perhaps it should be delayed by her barrister or it will not go well for her as not enough information is present.

36 distant horizons reversed, 12 privledged lady reversed bottom right to middle
The lady best not go traveling for either the plans will fall apart or she will not like it there. As it will be eventful trip.

15 lovers reversed 12 priviledged lady reversed below to middle.
The lady is in a loveless relationship but she won’t accept that it is over , perhaps she doesn’t feel she will be desirable enough to attract another like the one she had.

30 judication reversed ,12 priviledged lady reversed bottom left to middle.
The decision will go against the lady most likely due to who she is, either as a person or as family name.
It could be that the lady back in the day can not afford to buy her decision.

6 mature woman , priviledged lady. Reversed
The older woman sincerely wants to help this troubled young thing, the lady of some means would best to accept the older woman advice , and protection for while she may not have the money,, she has the authority to help her young friend.

3 card reading , as a first card, middle card and last card
12 priviledged lady , 32 despair, 1 main male reversed
The lady best watch herself for this man desires to have her as an affair and if she accepts and her reputation get will suffer if its get found out.

29 imprisonment, 12 priviledged lady , 28 expectation reversed
While she won’t die in prison,, the lady best not expect to get off scott free, it could be that someone has greased the wheels to get her to go to the prision.

34 occupation, 35 pathway, 12 privileged lady
This lady will forgo the paths of society and use her money to become a woman working in a high field like lawyer or doctors. She is willing to go for a long hard path in order to do this.

Some random 3 card questions
1. Are my angels helping me.
3 marriage , 12 privileged lady, 39 community reversed
Your guardian angel is, for it was a contract that was made before you were born, and so it has worked hard to help you in this life , however it cannot help you in your community for there are some lessons you must learn. It will be there to support you.

2. Do I have any enemies
4 courtship reversed, priviledged lady , 27 unexpected income
Yes you have your ex still scheming against you, she doens;t like your new girlfriend and perhaps she will let you go though for she is about to make an unexpected offering to you.

3. Can I become a lawyer ?
38 toils and labour , 12 privileged lady, 9 change reversed

You can handle the work, you have the background for it. But unless you change your heart to be fully commited you will fail before you start.

for a change of pace I decided to do only of 3 of them, and do two 9 card spreads , one with the lady in the center upright and one where she is randomly placed to really come close to a reading.
First 9 card reading just focused on the lady (aka no look on the outside) ,
Her question would be,, how can I help my family , starting from the bottom middle

37 poverty , 12 privileged lady, 11 sudden wealth reversed
At first glance it sure doesn’t look as if she can help her family for poverty is upon the family, and sudden wealth reversed may mean that they will lose even more then they figure.
It might be best for her to save herself, her family would most likely want that.

20 house reversed, 12 privileged lady, 8 false person reversed
The blame isn’t on any particular person but for circumstances, aka an quake made the foundations of the house shoddy and the money to be invested to save it would be going to be for naught unless they really find the cause.

25 high honor , 12 priviledged lady 18 child
Everyone respect her for what she has done, especially for trying to help out her nieces and nephews . so they do not have to go to the orphanage.

14 message of concern reversed , 12 priviledged lady 21 family room
The main thing is the concern message isn’t real for her family room will be ok in the end, and the lady will be ok as well.

Now for the simulated ready with random placement of the lady
Let say we are interested beaus and asking if we will find a good partner. (I had to reshuffle for I didn’t expect the lady to appear back in the middle after I shuffled originally just now)
Looking for key points that stand out
There is two ladies, the main and the priviledge perhaps they point to a conflict between two woman regarding you. There is the wealthy man card which point to how they see you. And they appreciate how your thoughts are easily revealed in your work. Well let’s look deeper

Picture frame top
13 wealthy man, 16 thoughts, 2 main female
You have some means behind you, and you come across regally in that you look well educated and speak very well. You look mysterious like you could be a famous author, or an artist. The main female you are looking for is attracted to this type and you could already have some interest your way.

Right side
2 main female, 26 great fortune reversed, 5 mature man reversed
The female you have an eye on is worried the rumours of you not being as suitable as you appear is true, and she is worried that do not have an eye to the future , it could be that your father will not leave you as much as you think you will inherit.

Bottom of the picture frame
5 mature man reversed, 19 coffin, 12 privileged lady
You father doesn’t approve of the main female as he thinks you should be looking for a lady who is more higher status,, and he isn’t read to let this go. His family line is on stake, and he wants grand children before he croaks.

Left of the picture fame
12 privileged lady, 10, journey reversed, 13 wealthy man
You could certainly take a journey however this suggess you are looking far and wide when there is a lady already present who has an eye for you but you didn’t’ show an interest in her so she think it could be dream that is passing unless you act.

Reading the center of the frame starting on the bottom left where the priviledge lady is
12 privileged lady , 7 message reversed, 2 main female , bottom right to upper right
These two are talking about you in messages and it isnt’ going well, they are seeking to destroy each other in words and you must know about this otherwise they wouldn’t be talking so much about this.

19 coffin reversed, 7 message reversed , 16 thoughts
You are too concerned about death, and the path, it is time to live for the future for your work is starting to suffer so people are finding your messages to be depressing. , it is one thing to look at depression, and another to live it.

5 mature man reversed, 7 message reversed, 13 wealthy man
Your father is asking a wealthy man to be your bridge to the privileged lady but he is no having it,, he thinks you are using to much political pressure by bringing your father into this.

26 great fortune reversed, 7 message reversed, 9 journey reversed
It is obvious here that you shouldn't be traveling for your fortune hasn’t been deposited into the banks so you will be a pauper on this trip. And so you will be too worried to find love.

0 . soul message priviledged lady as soul message
24 thief reversed, 13 bad health , 12 privileged lady reversed
You definatley should not go out with this lady for while she isnt’ a theif herself,, a family of hers is, and she isn’t sick now, , she may very well be soon.
So for your own good you shouldn’t pursue her further unless you heart suffers.