ciro kipper, 17 gift


The gift
A quaintly decorated gold with red patterned box, with a red bow being presented with both hands. The back ground is inside as there is a painting in the background, a fire going in the fire place, and a lamp going with what looks to be electricity. And there are red roses on the table in the background.

The fire place is the fire place from the family room so it would appear that this is what going on in the left side of the family room that can’t be seen.
The way the gift is presented shows that it isn’t a surprise like how a lover might surprise a person. Instead it is being presented more humbly with both hands like it is most likely an official gift.
If you consider diplomacy of the day perhaps everything should be planned, the wrapping, the designs, the color of the bowtie, the day it was presented. And if we look at this as perhaps a royal gift, or noble gift then, who gave the gift was important.
I think also in olden days that in the days of baron and dukes, where you looking at arranging a marriage, the person who presented the gift became your page, or diplomat.
So, the key here is the giving of the gift is given in the best possible circumstance in the family room. The light from the lamps shows it is a well-off family as they had electricity. The painting shows they could afford to get a good painting, or paint their own which indicates they had the funds to get the paints. The roses in the plant holder could means it is valentines day.

The key point by the designer is that it is either giving or receiving a gift. The consensus is that it is a positive card that lessens the negativizes of the other cards. Its time could be time of yule, or another holiday. Since it is a gift, it is of love, forgiveness perhaps, one should be open to support of the gift.

In readings
Let us look at the best possible outcome for this if someone asks will we get through this, and gift shows up in the reading perhaps it means we should accept the help being offered instead of being proud. If we asked about work and gift shows up it could mean a day of perhaps. I wary against calling it a promotion unless official person is behind it, or honors. Of course, false person could mean it is a false gift eh?

If you use reversed meanings then to me it means the gift is sort of poisoned, like the gift horse of the Trojans. Or the gift is being delayed, I remember one time in piers Antony incarnation of immortality series, Chronos sent a shipment of wheat a week before but human greed stopped it from reaching its destination as at each stop some grain was stolen to there was nothing left. So, for me the gift isn’t’ what you wanted or it isn’t’ given with honest intent.

Reading sample

I will use this spread here to tell us about this card.
, now ideally the card should be in the middle, but for me I counted out the number of cards needed for the spread, I also went and shuffled them then divided them so it would be as if I riffled the cards so about half reversed and half not. Thus, I do not know if the gift card will be reversed or not. Or where it will have ended up. As such using the spread in this matter, the card meaning itself becomes personal as for me it might end up in the middle or left or right or soul, and for you it might end up somewhere else.
Also, if you use this spread you could just simply put it in the middle.

So, tell me about the gift card kipper.

1. fire spring (past)
3.Marriage reversed, 21 family room reversed, 29 imprisonment
The key here for me is gifts has largely to do with marriages, courts, lovers, and it could mean that in marriage gifts were used to smooth things over which was acceptable to a degree. Renovations to the family room really helped. But nothing could free that feeling of being in a relationship that is stuck, no matter the gift.

2.Emotional spirit (past to present)
3.marriage reversed, 14 message of concern reversed 20 house
So, gifts could be a way of halving messages of concerned from our loved one that there is something wrong with the relationship. as the house is in good order. Notice how the house looks to be in good order from the outside but we don’t’ see if the marriage is in bad order or not.

3.Emotional summer (present)
31 bad health 19 coffin reversed, 3 marriage reversed
The bad health isn’t that bad, the death is delayed, and the marriage well being bad is tolerable if the gifts can smooth things over. Of course, it can show why gifts are useful, we give gifts at funerals, when someone is sick and when marriages are suffering.

4. Physical emotion (present to future)
36 distant horizons, 32 despair reversed 3 marriage reverse
The long distant travel plans look far away, for a person is worrying that their marriage won’t be saved in these travels.
It could be that the gift is being given here in the hopes that the partner in the relationship will agree to us traveling.

5.Physical fall
39 community 5 mature man reversed 3 marriage reversed
The people around respect you however they feel you are buying people with your gifts and wonder why it looks as if the marriage isn’t doing the best.

6. mental physical (future to higher aspects)
11 sudden wealth reversed 17 gift, 3 marriage reversed
People expect that when you get money, you should give out gifts and don’t understand that you should look after your loved one first.

7. mental winter (higher aspects)
18 child reversed, 4 courtship 3 marriage reversed.
The higher aspects of gift giving are sure hard to figure, I mean sometimes when we give a gift to the child it isn’t’ want they want. And the other thing is sometimes in partnership, we can forget we must show our love with heart felt gifts.

8. spiritual mind (higher aspects to past)
23 courthouse reversed,24 thief 3 marriage reversed.
With court houses when the winner wins they seek a gift that is deserving of the emotional, mental pain they have endured, but sometimes the thief gets away with robbing us.
This is true in divorces after all, as the song goes, the winner takes it all.
The key here since it is in the middle is how the marriage card being reversed shows how a gift in the old days could smooth things over, and it could even lead to loveless marriages in an age where marriages were arranged. Looking up arranged marriages, it was a way of finding someone to look after your daughter so she could eat in poverty.
And I forgot about mail order brides which was important in the old west in the end of the century.

If we see every card right of the central line as past.
23 court house reversed, 29 imprisonment, 20 house
This shows that we should have used gifts to protect our house, avoid imprisonment and to win the court house. (in today age, since we can’t bribe the court these days, we should use our gifts to find the best lawyer)

24, thief, 21 family room reversed, 14 message of concern reversed.
this indicated we had a thief in our midst’s and missed the warning message to protect our family house.

See the lines left of the central line as future.
17 gift, 5 mature man reversed, 32 despair reversed
The best gift may change the heart of the father figure that we are trying to win their approval. It should be one that he appreciates it like if he was a warrior, he would appreciate the best sword or best wine if he was a wine purveyor

11 sudden wealth reversed, 39 community, 36 distant horizons.
This would show that while we will meet some good people and we can go on the travel we want, we will miss some money in our travels that we counted on.

Now to read the other lines from bottom to the top

36 distant horizons, 31 bad health, 20 house
Our house should be safe, on our travels but we may have some bad health, so we should be sure of all our shots.

32 despaired reversed, 19 coffin reversed, 14 message of concern reversed
This would be a particularly nasty line. but the thing is, that everything can be lessened, as it as seen as the opposite of what is being said. So, a person doesn’t have to cry, for they will not die (they were one of those people who worry they are going to die from everything), and the message wont’ be that bad they are expecting.

17 gift, 4 courtship, 24 thief.
The person giving you bestows a gift in the courtship has an ulterior motive (think the new show imposters who after marriage takes off with all their money). perhaps though since everything is upright and there is no false person, a good-hearted woman can change the scoundrel eh?

11 sudden wealth reversed, 18 children reversed, 23 court house reversed

All the gifts in the world can’t help if you don’t ‘convince the child you love her, and you are willing to fight for her. in the movie, steel the bad hearted man didn’t love his son at the beginning but at the end was willing to fight for him, and that was all his son wanted. And he gave up money even for it.

So now every card has been read.

0. Soul message
28 expectation, 26 great fortune, 37 poverty

We may get a good gift from the universe and get some good money that will solve all our problems, but if we do not look after it well. We can quickly end back in poverty even worse then where we started from.