ciro kipper, 30 judication



There doesn’t appear to be representative for each client. However their representatives could be standing on either side of the two clients here. The books on the judges left shows that he doesn’t’like to be wrong and so check all the precedents, and the fine print of all the laws before making his judgement. I find the lion face with his tongue sticking out finding that sometimes the judgement made was a joke. Notice the judge gaze was looking at the woman which in 1890 the woman testimony wasn’t taken equally as the man. This shows me this judge is most likely a good man who is trying to discern if the woman testimony should be taken equally as the man for to him truth is important and rights. In many cases the judges hands are tied by what the law has stated, and not what he actually wants.
In 1882 there was the property act giving more rights to the woman in marriages however as this is the end of century new laws take a while for judges to get used to so , so it is possible the judge is going by his old biases he learned/made on his way to becoming a judge.

It is possible that the judge had just looked at the man the same way if he was truly an impartial judge but perhaps he did not.
Taken into today contest it is interesting that the two people are men and woman,, indicating the male and the female side of each person. The judication maybe our own take of our own inner life as it pertains to our beliefs, our passions.
This doesn’t look to the instances where judges were brought off, aka the court is corrupt.

This is more then a judge in court it could be any sort of problem where a decision has to be made in like in school boards, doctor hearings, appealing for more time in some instances. Cm himself says that this doesn’t mean necessary in your favour but depending on the surrounding cards yes or no.

Upright it should mean the court case will be in your favour however it would also mean to be diligent and make sure the best case is put forth and just don’t assume you are in the right aka you don’t’ have to do that much. Also the key thing is to check for holes in the case, aka the proscuter for casey Anthony thought his case was airtight but the defense was able to put holes into his case and so he lost.

It would mean to perhaps settle out of court if you can for the villians don’t want to go to court and you don’t’ want the drama. It could mean of course your case is destined to lose. And that is ok to lawyers if a person wants to drag out a case it is their dime. So perhaps your best case would to be settle.

the heart of the matter card is community
at first glance you may think that since the laws were made to protect and regulate the community , it would make sense that laws would change as communities evolve. Yet looking deeper if a person was put on trail it would be the person community who could be called upon for character witnesses. And if a person put on good behaviour in jail, their local community they could get some years cut off their sentences.

Looking at the wider picture first, let us start with the vertical lines right to left

Far right line distant past
30 judication 22 high honor 26 great fortune
When thinking of how the laws have changed over time the power in the courts in the past was how much money a person had and how much he was acclaimed by what he did. Even now that is a key component that a client is a person with no priors in good standing in the community and possibly decorated or held a position for some years. Great fortune here for me would refer to titles of nobility

Closer right, recent past
27 unexpected income , 29 distant horizons , 8 false person
Looking at laws , what a person did in other places now fall into providence and they could be deported back for those crimes. Yet it could indicate that a false person with the know how could easily get someone in trouble in the law on far off travels. And any person with unexpected income would be a target if it wasn’t’ easily explained.

The y axis , the central piller mostly the present
13 wealthy man reversed, 35 pathways reversed, 39 community 5 mature man reversed, 15 lovers reversed
It would seem in terms of judication that wealthy men, and mature man(probably like polications) are not look favourably upon in terms of the court, and lovers reversed really seem not to be looked favourably upon in terms of jury of a person peers. It could be that judication laws are being changed to be more equal in terms of lovers spats and dealing with wealthy man who could buy their way out with good lawyers and mature man who could rely on their reputation to avoid jail time/being sued.
(it is your word vs mine)

The possible near future
29 imprisonment reversed, 33 concern, 11 sudden wealth reversed
It could be that we will see more prisoners freed especially when those in jail for marijuana are freed if/when it goes more legal. It could also deal more with those who are trying to deal with their mental issues, and go after people who have won sudden income in terms of taxes.

The possible far off future
4 courtship 22 offical person reversed, 17 gift
In say 5 to 20 years the law will evolve to look gifts of all sorts for all judges as check. There could be a person job created just for that purpose. Also laws will be made to call for reviews of people of official person so they do not get into such position under false pretenses. And the other one will look at new dating protection to protect those against stalkers.

Now to look at the horizontal lines

The body
4 courtship reversed, wealthy man reversed , 26 great fortune
A thing that makes people go for court is if the person has any fortune worth getting sued for. As rocky said in rocky five , sue me ? sue me for what ?. the hard thing is looking for those who have done wrong both female and male looking to get them physically both criminal and regular. The problem now is lots of time a person can walk through a restraining order like in the song goodbye earl , so there has to be more alternatives looked upon.

29 imprisonment reversed, pathwasy reversed, 8 false person
The heart fears the most is going to prison that for some it is a worst fear then death for maybe past life fears of being tortured or being left to starve comes to mind in the subsconsiouess. The other fear is that it will not be resolved and it will go on and on , possibly costing a person house and home in order to avoid going to jail . the other thing the emotions deal with is the third worst fear is having a person who they thought was true, lie and reveal their true nature.

X axis ( the core of who you are )
22 offical person reversed, 33 concern,, 39 communtiy 36 distant horizons , 25 high honor
The judication asks a person to try to be a good member of the community , to aspire to high honors and to report those who official person who are corrupted. The one problem that can be worried about is if they are seen as crazy. The distant horizons says that we can not travel anywhere if we got a record yet another reason why we should avoid judication. (aka doing something that leads to judication )

Mental line
11 sudden wealth reversed, 5 mature man reversed, 27 unexpected income
Mentally when it comes to judication we are seeking to look out for our reputation , and our wealth that we had acquired. In other cases, where we are the plantiff we are looking to get some sudden income as a rewards for our pains and wrongs.

Spiritual line/social
17 gift, 15 lovers reversed,30 judication
The highest aspect of the judication is perhaps it might be worth it to accept the gift from the opponent to settle out of court for there is more damage done then we realize when we go to court. The hardest thing to deal with is spurn lovers in divorce and then even criminal cases where lovers have killed each other. And finally every judge should look to the highest aspects of the law to become the best judge.

Now to look more closely at the wheel

1. Spiritual fire/past
39 community 36 distant horizons 25 high honor

Judication has been looking at international law to find the best results for both the international community and its members when traveling. Those who have achieved high honors are more respected in international judication so that has to be changed in order to respect the little guy as well.

2. Emotional spirit/past to present
39 community, 8 false person 26 great fortune

As community has evolved it seeks laws to help people who are false , what that means is we got laws that protect insane people, there are may be those who are false due to mental disability that is being looked at. Like the chronic need to get great fortune due to that false person mentality that is part of their mental make up.

3. Emotional water/present

39 community 25 pathways reversed , 13 wealthy man reversed

Emotionally the judication is looking how to make the path easier to get justice, why should a court case take years to get justice ? and it is also looking at protecting the honest wealthy people but take down the negative wealthy people. Which is what we want,, the dishonest to be caught.

4. Physical emotion / present to future

4 courtship reversed, 29 imprisonment reversed, 39 community

The laws of common in laws are looking to be more fleshed out ,, and to look at those who were falsely imprisoned, yet it is all to protect the community so we want to be sure those who are jail deserve to be jail so we don’t’ release murderers back into the community

5. Physical earth /future

22 offical person reversed , 33 concern , 39 community

The judication should look at mental pain for it is a reason for many people to commit crimes , and why a person who should be a trusted official can break down his duties so he is corrupted.
And it is harder for a community to judge an official person by a jury of his peers for perhaps many people might make the decision.

6. Mental body (future to higher aspects )

17 gift , 11 sudden wealth , 39 community

The gift when made with the law will be a way of getting out of jail but it will not be paid to the law except in fees, but to the client so it will free up the jail for those who really deserve to be in it. Hence the sudden wealth and gift serving the community.

7. Mental air (higher aspects winter )

15 lovers reversed, 5 mature man reversed, 39 community

The problem of how to deal with lovers who have hurt each other is due to be relooked at it in regards to what is mental anguis,, how does one repay that , and also community will look at the mature men who have become not the most positive person. I guess it would be to look at criminal fathers who perhaps have become a figure of respect out of fear that they should be taken down.

8. Spiritual mind (higher aspects to past )

30 judication , 27 unexpected income 39 community

So it started in the past ,, but will start to happen more and more for bigger incomes that settelements will become larger especially in terms of little guy vs big corpation. The community is sick and tired of people getting hurt for the might dollar.

0. Soul message

20 house , 23 court house reversed, 34 occupation reversed

This could be a projection but it would indication presently to get away from the public defender and get a person who is really good at their job. Especially if you want to protect your house, your good name and keep it as a legacy for your off spring.
The court houses will take a long time to change,, and so lawyers who are not good at their job will be kept .
That perhaps courts will have to fine a way to weed the lawyers who are not good out of fields so justice will be balanced.