ciro kipper, 31. bad health


31 bad health

It looks that an older man is lying in an old Victorian age hospital, with his lower limbs having been amputated. It is important to remember that in the old days, the medicine wasn’t as good as it is today. And moderns days reform like clean hospitals wasn’t even in the consciousness of the health providers til Florence nightingale helped to make it known that it leads to the patients survival odds increasing.
The legs being amputated is important for today , diabetes leads to limbs being amputated especially the lower limbs. Rather then being a hospital with white walls, and sure there was some brick hospitals , it could easily of been a man of some means having a nurse caretaker for he is too bad health to look after himself. The nurse in this card looks as if she neither enjoys or hate her profession but it is just a job to her. It conjurs up the image of the modern day people at the hotel coming in to do their jobs to clean their beds.

The guide books learnings
It is clear that it is definitely an illness of some sort. The key in a spread depending on the relation to the person card could show that is in the back,, upper head, lower legs, or in the front of the body.
It should be seen that in business it speaks of a long term illness of the business if not a business person not being able to do their job ., if it is a relationship question it can lead to the relationship going to be going down hill, or its been in bad health for a long while. Or to the mundane that the partner may get sick theirselves.

As an outcome , if you asked if the relationship will get better and the bad health is the outcome in theory it means the relationship will not get better for it will stay in bad health. If not for the partner being so miserable for he or she been in bad health.
If you asked about how you will do in school and this card shows up it is clear that your mind is not on school and your career as a student will go no where.

Reversed it may mean that the bad health either based on your intuition is going to start getting better for the bad health aspects are being negated.. or perhaps that if you see it getting better since it is upright , that reversed means that it will even get worse .

Two card combos, bad health in the middle
11 sudden wealth, 31 bad health top left
There is a good fortune but it seems it wont’ change anything in the long run. Perhaps it can delay the inevitable like throwing good money after the bad money. , then again looking at it the other way
The bad health will be bad for a while but there will be money In the end to pay the hospital bills.

15 lovers , above 31 health.
The lovers are hot for a while but the relationship either will not last ,or one of the partners will bad health and thus break it off for they don’t’ want their partner to suffer with them . (sometimes you see that in the stories.
Conversely seen the other way,, I know your health is bad right now but your partner will be there to help you get through it.

16 thoughts , top right of 31 bad health
The bad health Is tough but long as you think good thoughts you can get though it , (with the idea of positive mind) . going in reverse.. the thoughts you are obbessed with it may lead to you having bad health for you are not looking after yourself.

3 marriage right of bad health
The marriage is in the past,, and it was happy but now the bad health indicates the some renewal of vows is in order if none of the partners are ill.
Conversely , the bad health is bad,, but your marriage can survive it. Heck your partner really wants to marry you even now despite your bad health. Allow yourself to be loved.

34 occupation bottom right of bad health
You sure love your work , but you may be an workacholic for it is leading to your bad health.
And your bad health will be conqueored for you will find work still .

10. journey below 31 bad helath
Perhaps you should postphone your journey due to your health, or be on guard of getting the epidemic flue on your travels. ,
Reverse flow, the bad health will be conquered so you make your travels. ( or perhaps you will not be able go on your journey for your bad health will be long term )

21 family room bottom left of 31 bad health
Your personal space needs to be check for mold, or bacteria as it is leading to your bad heatlh..
Reversed flow, the bad health person should be isolated so the family room will be un corrupted and the rest of the family will not get sick.

8 false person , 31 bad health
The person is faking being sick for unknown reason. (it happens ) or perhaps they one of those people who think they are sick when they are not.
Or reverse flow, the bad health karma will get the person who lied to you.

3 card combos examples

31. bad health 22 offical person, 37 poverty
The official person is about to lose their job most likely due to the concealed fact they kept their bad health to themselves. (in the recent crown series, churchhill kept his illness a secret in order to maintain his position )

35 pathway, 31 bad health , 20 house
It is a long journey but you will eventually get to go home.
(suppose the person ask if their house needs renovations , then the house is in bad health, it will take resources but eventually it will get fixed, the foundation may need work )

14 message of concern, 25 high honor , 31 bad health
Do no go to war , for there will be a flue epidemic already taking place so it is important to take care of the troops first or there will be no high honor.

Note it occurred to me this morning when thinking of the kipper that given its relations to people , and society we could ask more person questions then your typical love, business/career, health or travel questions.

What kind of person are they ?
31 bad health , 6 mature woman 30 judication he is a mature woman who has education and has overcome bad health in her life. She will be fair in how she judges you.

Will the person help me ?
12 priviledge lady . 5 mature man 31 bad health
No for the person is focused on their own problems , which deals with relationships and how health is affecting them.

Can I trust him ?
17 gift , 13 wealthy man , 31 bad health
He can afford to help you, and it is a gift that it seems is freely given, however in the end, they can’t be trusted for the gift is poisoned , they will want something in return for they need your help.

How can I help my son ?
31 bad health, 19. Coffin, 32 despair
(unless this is about a person who is sick , I am going to try to make it the death doenst’ mean death )
I do not think you can,, for he is in bad health due to his own drug addiction. You going to have to give tough love, and perhaps even act as if he is dead to you so you don’t borrow him anymore money.
He has to hit bottom .

Will the dog be good for the house ?
31 Bad health , 28 expectation ,23 court house
Well I doubt the dog is sick but I think you are buying the dog to cheer up someone who is sick at the house,, and the dog will live up to the expectation, however I would check his papers, to make sure his linage is geninue

Tell me about myself?
36 distant horizons , 31 bad health , 33 concern
Well it looks as if you are into psychology , and want to see the distant lands but your health is holding you back , since you look healty I do not think you are aware of how sick you may be, have you had a check up. .

9 card reading on let say that a person asks tell me about love , and somehow bad health ended up in the middle. . let us further say that that the person said they have bad health but it isnt’ life threatening and want to know if they can still find love. , .

First reading around the bad health like a frame.

37 poverty, 5 mature man, 35 pathway top frame
Well it looks like you are looking for an ideal man who may be representative of the type of man you father was when you were growing up for he worked hard to get you through your hard life. And so it was a long route to get your family to where it was a good place.

35 pathway, 3 marriage , 33 concern , top right to bottom right
Your parents it would seem had a long marriage that they worked hard at,, but it seemed as if they were more concerned with you then each other. So they didn’t’ show you their couple squabbles

33 concern , 22 offical person, 28 expectation
So growing up you learned to be more concerned about others then yourself and you really wanted to find a good person of office , so you worked hard to become a person of high expectation, so you would be desired.

28 expectation , main female. 37 poverty
Like scarlet o hara you vowed never to go hungry again and so have worked hard to maintain your lifestyle and not become dependent on others.

Reading with the 31 bad health card

37 poverty ,31 bad health 33 concern , top left diagonal to bottom right
The hard life you had when you were young has affected your health as you grow up,, possibly your mind as you were constantly worried. and so with love you found it hard to let down your guard.

5 mature man, 31 bad health, 22 offical person top to bottom
You attracted yourself to mature man, and like people of high positions however they too were suspectible to bad health so you wonder if you are cursed in love.

35 pathway ,31 bad health, 28 expectation
The long way you have strived to become the person of expectation aka worked hard, studied hard to become very smart , and charming ,, that you never gave yourself time to heal . so your coughs became more and more chronic .

3 marriage, 31 bad health , 2 main person
Yes you can find a good lover to marry. You have worked hard to become a good person. It is important you look after yourself ,, let yourself be nurtured.

0 . soul message
13 wealthy man , 31 bad health, 9 change
You are doing well for yourself but it is important to change for the better , for your health is more important then your wealth. Perhaps put aside a nest egg for at anytime you can have a bad luck in wealthy investments.

it should be noted of course if not clear that I am not reading for anyone , I made up the questions , and what it means as combos if I was reading for someone.