ciro kipper, 4 courtship


4 courtship
It shows a man just told the woman how he feels, or what he is thinking meanwhile the lady is pondering what he said, perhaps thinking how to respond to what he just said. They are both wearing their best. The man suit is finely pressed his hair is groomed. The lady hair is finely done up and is wearing a nice coloured dressed pink. There is a cupid pointing his arrow at any courtship sitting on that bench. He has not yet offered her marriage for he was not on his knee.

As for the actual courtship itself in the late 1800s it was class specific to upper class and it was different then the lovers for the card is about courting with intent for marriage. The age wasn’t 18 like in today, but rather when they reached the marrying age of 15 or 16, not sure when the marrying age ended but those who did not marry were lesser in status then those did marry in regards to being a lady of the time so spinsters did not carry that much weight. So it was a big worry for ladies if they did not find suitor.
I look at the brick wall as looking to built on a solid foundation and the shrub as being fertile to grow .

The guideline points there is no arrow in the cupid bow so he hasn’t’yet getting ready to shoot his arrow
However it could be that he already shot his arrow and he is in the after position wondering how they will react to the new energy between them.
Sorry I don’t’ have a better description but for happy valentines day,, it is fitting this is the card the universe chosed today.

The guidelines besides just looking at dating, point to all public and private meetings. Or being talked or seduce into something. So you looking at courting for business purposes or perhaps a person wants to be your friend.

In reading position
Love, new start, business you may be courted for a new position, for friendship perhaps makes new friends. For travel, someone will ask you to go with them.

The biggest worry about courtship in regards to marriages of position is the person lies about their background, their actual money, and perhaps about their love for they want the marriage of convience.
So with courtship reversed it would indicate one if you were the lady here do not trust the person is being honest. Or if you were the man chasing the lady ,, perhaps in the old ways she does not have the dowry that they say she has.
In today reading of course same sex couple a general warning is put forth to do background checks .
And of course next to thief or false person in a big 36 card reading it means be really watchful.
for the spread used
What does the courtship card mean ?

The heart card
14 message of concerned reversed
With the source card being reversed it would indicate for a person to lessen their concern. It is a big thing to enter into a contract however informal or formal. What is modern dating but a form of contract. Even friendship is a sort of contract. With courtship not being as permant as marriage it is the possible start of such a path so entering into courtship is a big endeavour like being pinned or wearing a class ring in highschool, college.
This time before we get into particulars let us look at the bigger picture
Lets start horizontally then vertical then outer cards.

Body (very bottom )
17 gift, 12 privileged lady reversed 26 great fortune reversed
Try as we might the old ways of offering a gift to the person we are interested in will not work for there is no fortune behind the gift. Not saying you have to have 100,000 car but the intent is you are making something of yourself as you pursue the lady for you want the priviledged lady to respect you.
There is the story of the musican winning the heart of the privileged lady yet even in that case the musican rarely ever becomes self sustained by that music so there should be a back up planned for the lady may lose her privileges and how will you support her then.

Emotion (second from bottom )
15 lovers 13 wealthy man 21 family man
Ideally we wish for love when we consider courtship leading to marriage. Everyone wants the romance and the passion to go with. The old well we are a match doesn’t work but there are some who are proud that they made marriages that were good fit with lack of passion work as they got used to each other. 13 wealthy man instead of thinking in terms of a wealthy man to look after the lady, instead think of a man who is emotionally wealthy that he can share from his heart and is happy to do so.
So emotionally we will have the best foot forward in terms of family room and have a good place to hang out at home.

X axis the 5 cards in the middle.
1 main male reversed, 23 court house, 14 message of concern reversed, 22 offical person reverse , 16 thoughts
As we think in terms of end of the century 1890 thinking , a lady would be looking to get an ideal person of standing and often it was in terms of love vs a person who had the best social fit.
So we got the main male reversed and the official person reversed which was things that a lady could look for. The official would mean he could have been a military man, or the da while the main maile shows he is a viral young man. Perhaps it is a message that lady doesn’t have to do courtship with those who don’t’ interest her. (well in today age that is true but back then it was a real dilemma ) so court house to me shows a lady who is focused on becoming a lawyer instead of getting married and her thoughts are positive showing she could make a living perhaps as artist or writer outside of getting married. So her concern is lessened and frankly there was lady who preferred to be spinsters rather then marry.
The mental line

9 change 13 bad health reversed , 28 expectation
The bad health being reversed, indicates that when having courtship and he is or she is viral we don’t expect them to have bad health say 5 years down the line. Mentally when we have courtship we have to be willing to change , not for the better but to open to changing our lifestyle to share with someone. And so expectations are high on both sides. So sometimes we should look at expectations on both sides before agreeing to court further.

Spiritual line
29 imprisonment 30 judication reversed 7 message reversed
Lots of time we wish for signs from the spirits if this person is the right one or not,, but we ignore the signs from our friends, family and perhaps dreams. And sometimes the spirits don’t’ warn you for it is a part of our life lessons. So that is how we can end up in a spiritual prison after courtship and in the old days it was incredibly hard to get out of marriage for if you were married you belong to the person. So that is why messages reversed was messages not listened to.

Looking at it vertically

Past right to future left.
Distant past
7 message reversed, 16 thoughts , 26 great fortune reversed
Lots of time we go into courtship for we didn’t have the best upbringing so we keep to our hopes that we can do better then how we were raised. The message then is it is time to let go of any regrets of our youth so they don’t’ affect present day courtship.

Recent past
28 expectation , 22 offical person reversed , 21 family room

The person we hoped to help us wasn’t able to help us yet we expect this courtship will result in us keeping our family now and in the future. Perhaps it wasn’t the fault of the official person as his hands were tied.

Y axis ,
12 privileged lady reversed, 13 welathy man 14 message of concerned reversed 13 bad health reversed , 30 judication
Here look at judication and the possibility that any decision will not go our way, that is the case in courstship like the song the winner takes it all when courtship is broken we have wasted our time, our emotions and sometimes even have to default a payment if we have to buy out a contract.
So the privileged lady has to be really careful to keep her privileges . yet it isnt’ so bad as the message of concerned is reversed and so is bad health reversed indicating that perhaps it will not be that bad. And the wealthy man is real maybe in the dreams of courtship.

Possible near future
15 lovers, 23 court house , 9 change
It is possible courstship will lead to love,, and change,, and possible even married by the justice of the peace. So courtship can be very positive.

Possible long off future
29 imprisonment, 1 main male reversed, 17 gift
It is possible that as courtship will not turn out well, as when being courted it is usually the best foot forward so the bad foot is left behind.
So his bad qualities will be revealed later on, which is often the case in marriage well the ones where the guy ends up being the woman beater or mentally abusive. In the old days it was hard to get out of marriages nowdays it is a lot easier and so just because you ended up in a bad relationship do not stay in it. The gift here shows that no amount of gifts however awesome given is worth being a prison with a bad partner.
1. Spiritual fire (past )
14 message of concerned reversed 22 offical person reversed, 16 thoughts

Regarding courtship when thinking of how sometimes we got burned by legal people it is important that we keep a good heart and look to maintain our faith . perhaps the current person offering the deal is positive person who can actually help us even though he is an official person.

2. Emotional fire(past to present )
14 message of concerned reversed, 21 family room , 26 great fortune reversed

This speak mostly of the emotions yet how our beliefs interact with our emotions so emotionally we may have had some hard times growing up,, or maybe not so hard times but emotionally still affecting us as family room shows a good hearth to live by. Most family I like to think ideally though didn’t’ have much still gave a loving house hold . so looking at courtship again we need to let go of past concerns and see things as they truly are
3. Emotional water(present )
14 message of concerned reversed, 13 wealthy man , 12 privileged lady reversed

Suppose we look at this as ourselves , the wealthy man should be happy he is good man and has some means of living. The lady shouldn’t be worried about losing their privileges as even if they did,, they can still find love in today age.

4. Physical emotions (present to future)
14 message of concerned reversed 15 lovers and 17 gift

The best thing we can hope for in courtship is to find love, and they will give us gifts,, and our gifts to them will be accepted. A true gift of the heart being accepted can really mean something. So be no concerned about if this lovers energy is true,, but live in the moment.

5. Physical earth (future )
1 main male reversed , 23 court house , 14 message of concerned reversed

In our future where it comes to courtship if we are the man, we should endeavour not to let the problems of the world cause us to be miserable, and if we are the partner in this courstship we can perhaps make allowances that the main male is going through some issues right now with the court house which I see as legalities of life and rules of business perhaps instead of just pure law.

6. Mental body ( future to higher aspects)
29 imprisonment, 9 change , 14 message of concerned reversed

To break free of our mental prison is to embrace change and let go of worries and just do it.
Perhaps by accepting this new courtship we can find the courage to let go of poverty or lack and believe in ourselves.

7. Mental air ( higher aspects )
30 judication reversed, 13 bad health reversed 14 message of concern reversed

Here the higher aspects of the courtship are hard to unravel, you may not have health over it, or have to be concerned about it but sometimes the spirits can’t help you in regards to courtship as that would interfere with free will.

8. Fire mind (higher aspects to past )
7 message reversed 28 expectaton, 14 message of concern reversed

Here the message reversed shows It isnt’ positive yet with the message of concerned reversed shows it isnt’ negative either so expectation we have about courtship in regards to messages from the universe could be just personal projectations. It could be that one is ignoring the message currently given like we did in the past. So the mind can overwealm the messages of the gut.

Soul message

In regards to courtship
A true courtship of the universe will show that there will be unexpected support at all corners of the relationship almost like it was meant to be but it should noted that courtship is just courtship ,, so the intent to go through the pathways of life together in marriage and business should be made now before the next promise is made.