ciro kipper, 5 mature man study.


5 mature man

He is sitting in the traditional man post so he is keeping his intentions kind of held back, aka he isn’t looking interested, fearful, surprised, worried. he is attentative to what has his intentions like if there wasn’t a person behind the glove he could be looking at the globe of the known world.
Mature men more then young man in some business were the ones who had the power at least til they became to feeble to be the head of the family and then it was passed over. This mature man looks healthy and In full control of his faculities. He has a wealth of knowledge having read all those books behind him (no tv, no radio, it gave him a much need outlet ). This mature man keeps up on the news of the world by collecting all the news papers , it is necessary since he is a businessman he needs to know if shipping by sea will be feasible in the market over there for it is large investment of time and risky for one never knows if the seas will take a shipment. It is for this reason (in my mind ) train travel became more desirable as it the risks were reduce in shipping total losses (course trains do get robbed).
It could be that being a mature man he has practiced lets say law for a long time and is now looking to go practice in a new land for it is something he always wanted to do and now he has the money.
This doesn’t have to be an Englishman looking to go to the Americas for it could be an American looking to go England as well. In particular his brown suit suggests to me leisure and informal then black. He is more easy going then in his youth for time has made him more gentler.

Book description
This figure is representative of all kind of things ,, like a older family figure, to a teacher, to a person of some means.. the main thing is he is on your side unless the false person card is near him suggest otherwise. He is seen in same sex interests as being the other man.

He is of course a person that can help us when we see in various positions like love and you are not same sex but looking for an member of the opposite he can be the key to introducing us to a new possible mate. Let’s say that you are looking for some advice on how to get out this bind,, this man with his experience and knowledge may have that key to getting you of it.
Suppose you asking about yourself and this card shows up. Well one can look at this what kind of man do I want to be in my mature years. Or perhaps we should look at what type of father we had. Or teacher.

This mature man is out to get you for you are in his way. It could even be if you see bad health near it that he is in bad spirits due to his bad health. The main thing is it is generally seen as a man with a negative disposition towards you except in the regard that you are depending on him for help. The reversed may mean he will be late despite his best efforts s you should have a back up plan.

2 card combos , first with him reversed, then with him upright (laying out the cards in 3x3 with him in the middle reversed)

18 child reversed, 5 mature man reversed top left to middle
The mature man is pretty miserable for he is missing his child/grand child and is very frustrated at life for he doesn’t know how she will be looked after.

19 coffin reversed, 5 mature man reversed
The man Is unhappy for he is thinking about his own mortality , and he is scared to die. More then he is worried that his legacy will be very meager if not existent.

30 judication 5,mature man reversed
The man has nothing to be fearful about,, the court will go his way , (conversely it could be that more look at the man has to be done if you are to win the case against him )

12 privileged lady reversed , 5 mature man reversed
The lady is very mad at her father in law, and seeks to avoid him, for he is trying to control her when her husband is away. He is too focused on reputation.

1 main male reversed, 5 mature man reversed
The son and the father do not get along, and it could be that they would seek to destroy each other if they could. The young one to get the money, the mature man to ensure his song get nothing for he doenst’ deserver it.

20 house reversed, 5 mature man revered
The man who could be a contractor can not get the house fixed,, or if you hire this man to fix the house,, it will not be done right.

6 mature female reversed, 5 mature man reversed,
These two are only together for they do not want to be alone. They do not hate each other,, they just don’t’ love each other. It is just convience, and comforting to stay together after all these years.

3 marriage reversed, 5 mature man reversed
Your marriage will not go well for the father in law will seek to undermine you (or perhaps your father can not pay for the wedding.dowry)

2 card combos , 5 mature man upright in the middle
24 thief , 5 mature man top left to middle
The man should be using forsight to avoid having the theif in his life. The saying scratch a lie catch a thief from ray comes to mind as using one mind to catch a theif.

13 wealty man reversed, 5 mature man
The wealthy man coming to you with the idea to invest is not simply not true for he lacks the commitment to donate the funds for the endeavour and hopes you carry the blunt of it.

35 pathways reversed, 5 mature man
You should give up on your endeavour for while you are still vibrant in health and looks, the hard path ahead of you will age you more then you can afford to spend the energy on it.

34 reversed, occupation , 5 mature man
For you to enjoy the remaining years of your life, it is time to retire from your job , or perhaps the firm will try to get you out of the way

25 high honors , 5 mature man
The honors of your youth are still remembered, so people will ask for your help in this matter

17 gift reversed, mature man
Trust nott the gift from the older man for while his intentions are good, he does not know the gift he is giving isn’t what you want, or perhaps it will fall apart .

23 court house , 5 mature man
The lawyer you are seeing has the experience to help you, he is a good lawyer.

37 poverty reversed, 5 mature man
While you are not yet broke, it is still a possibility unless you work to stop it. (be proactive about the future ,, take a better interest in business and cut the crap) .

3 card examples.

4 courtship , 38 toils and labours, 5 mature man
If you accept the courtship ,, you will work very hard but your suitar will be live longer then other men his age.

22 offical person , 5 mature man reversed, 7 message reversed
If you trust this older man with his lies,, you may lose your reputation for doing a good job.

5 mature man , 2 main female , 28 expectation reversed
You may get her interest that you desire,, but do not expect much for she is wary of you due to your age,, and wonders if she can do better.

To mix it up
I will do 2 random spreads , one with the card first reverse and another with it upright to simulate a real reading.
For the first reading let us imagine the client is asking about his health (he is just past what he considers his prime years and wonder how many years of good health he has left. So perhaps just in his early 50s )
It is curious to remember that earlier in the excerises we already saw the coffin so we don’t have to worry about seeing death, and some other important cards like poverty is gone. So let see what we come up with.
Taking a quick look for important cards we do see the bad health card but it is reversed which means to me it is a while before he get sick. Going for the full reading let us see.

Picture frame
36 distant horizons, 39 communtiy reversed, 14 message of concern reversed top
There is trouble with your local community, that you may of missed a person message about watching out for offending the local circle . the distant horizons suggest you were looking for the forest and forgot to see the trees.

14 message of concern reversed, 5 mature man , 16 thoughts right
There are people who are concerned about you but you feel they are blowing things out of proportion for you are more focused on enjoying your retirement.

16 thoughts, bad health reversed, 10 journey bottom
Your positive thoughts is keeping away bad health so you can actually make the long journey while you are still young.

10 journey , 8 false person reversed, 36 distant horizons left
It is important that you take this journey you feel for while everyone thinks that the person you are traveling to see is not worth your time, you know they don’t know her, like you do. So you are willing to travel hell or heaven to help her.

The center aspects
36 distant horizons, 11 suddent wealth, 16 thoughts,
You will have some good fortune from applying your trade in the distant lands ,your artwork will be greatly acclaimed.

39 community reversed, 11 sudden wealth, 13 bad health reversed,
(going old school thought ) there is someone out there who is jealous of your sudden wealth and they want to see you sick out of anger.

14 message of concern reversed , 11 sudden wealth, 10 journey
The message that people are worrying about is not important, you should make your journey while you still got your nest egg. Enjoy life.

5 mature man, 11 sudden wealth, 8 false person reversed.
Your sudden wealth won’t be as much as you hope it will be (you won halfers the big pot instead of all of it ) , so now you have to make it count.

Now I will read with the card reversed. Also apologies with the difference in trying out the cards, I left out various 3 card readings to focus on the card upright and reversed in 3x3 readings.
Let assume the mature man is now asking about love,, he is mature but he isnt’ yet up there in years so it is possible he is can still get a wife. Of coure he isnt’ looking for a debutante. But he is open to it if the parents figure it is a good match. (that was possible back in the Victorian day)
The way the cards went ,, he ended up reversed in the middle .

Picture frame
29 reversed imprisonment, 15 lovers reversed, 32 despiar top
Though you didn’t go to prison, you had a hard reputation in your younger years so you couldn’t be with the woman you loved , this lead you to despair a great deal when you drank.

32 despair , 33 concern reversed, 26 great fortune right
It is only now at your later years you have enmassed a fortune , and so you no longer have the concerns of the youth that you had.

26 great fortune, 21 family room, 27 unxpected fortune reversed bottom
Though you have some fortune, and a nice rooms,, aka you can afford servants, there will be an expected minor loss. This could take you away from pursing a relationship as you may get caught up in renovations.

27 unexpected income reversed, 9 change , 26 imprison reversed
With the unexpected loss, and the feeling that you are in prison, you really need a change ,, get out there and enjoy life , and then perhaps your love of life will attract someone who is looking for a mature man.

The center aspects
29 imprisonment reversed,5 mature man reversed,26 great fortune
I do not know how you got your great fortune, you avoided prison the main thing for you is to lighten up and be happy. What is the use of the fortune if you can’t enjoy it or you will never get heirs who will enjoy it.

15 lovers reversed, 5 mature man reversed, 21 family room
Ok you had a relationship lets say a year ago but you lost it for you were to concern about your home , aka you didn’t’ want to go out and socialize, but lived like a hermit.

32 despair, 5 mature man reversed, 27 unexpected income reversed
You are very sad for you lost some attraction you feel that the opposite sex may have had . perhaps you can not afford to have so many dinner parties as you used to.

33 concern reversed, 5 mature man reversed. , 9 change
The main message we got here is that it is time to change yourself so you can lighten up a bit. , the world will go on without you so delegate some and let some of your worries go.