ciro kipper, 7 message


7 message
It shows a sealed letter that has just been opened the idea of the seal on letters make it more official then today if we just sent a letter for we simply lick it and stamp it and mail it. In the older days, a seal was unique to a house hold and was harder to fake. This card isn’t just about the letter for there is a telephone in the picture which in 1890 there was a new phone that would be a standard introduced and I would suppose the richer households in privileged areas would have such a phone.

A key part of the message card is the ink and the pen which leads to calligraphy so one had to be able to write very well so writing I would imagine would tend to very elegant. Of course, a person who could send a message or read it had to be able to read and white which wasn’t wide spread back in the 1890s which was problem for the masses.
So just looking at letters being sent there was various ways, horses, postal service, by boat, the idea is letters would take longer most likely then today for we didn’t’ have air plane, or there wasn’t that many cars at 1890 so that is why message by letter would take longer.

There are the telegraph/telegrams and the pictures of the little draw being opened just suggests telegrams which was a way faster way to get a message long distance but still could be as elegant and personal.
Now days we got of course emails, texts, voice mail, video conference that message by letters are being replaced.

Fb suggests it is telegram that is opened (so the seal being broken would be from the telegram office). the original title was pleasant message. Cm says the message can also be sent.

It is my idea that important message like the telegram back in the day should be replied to post haste or acted upon at least, opened asap. The telegrapher in the Halifax explosion saved lives by sending message to the incoming train and was killed at his post but saved the lives of the incoming train.
To the people who lives he saved it would have been a pleasant message.

In readings
The card itself being a positive message would be largely positive unless surrounded by a lot of negative cards perhaps false person for example.
In positional readings, it could be like the 8 of wands coming in with fast message that is important to behold.

The card being that it was originally pleasant message would be not so pleasant message. I think an additional message could be added, suppose you are thinking of sending a message regardless of it is pleasant or not. reversed it would mean do not waste time for it would be not well received

tell me about the 7 message card

the heart card
33 concern reversed
With the concern, upright points to depression and obsession with that depression aka trying to get the root of the problem with it reversed we see that it is about leaving that concern and moving on.
Which is what we hope a pleasant message will do for those we send it to.
Now before looking at each spoke in this wheel reading, I realized that that the 5 cards going up in the center, and the cards going horizontal in the middle form a sort of aether type of energy.

So before looking at the reading one can look at these 9 cards for important clues as the x-y axis
X line

14 message of concern reversed, 7 message, 33 concern reversed, 8 false person 16 thoughts
The message seeks to take out the concern in the message of concern, by using positive thoughts to try to change the false person. It could be that you seek to reveal or find out who the false person is.

Y line
29 imprisonment 21 family room, 33 concern reversed, 36 distant horizons, 13 wealthy man
A person seeks to free themselves of their prison and leave behind their loveless home, by traveling and using their wealth to let go of their problems in the family room. (using literal)
What does this have to do with 7 message? well you could be using the message to arrange your travel arrangements, and make sure the funds are there, and then perhaps give hope to a loved one in prison.

Now looking deeper at the card meanings.
1. Spiritual fire (past)
33 concern reversed, 8 false person 16 thoughts

Our past could
deal with how a person we trusted betrayed us and that is still in our thoughts making us sad. This is about how can we trust again?
The message card then could be reaching out once more, or trying to trust once again what is being said to us

2. Emotional spirit (past to present)
33 concern reversed, 30 judication 6 mature woman reversed
The outcome will go our way, yet the mature woman isn’t happy yet things are loosening up for the concern is no longer important.
As this line also deals with past to present, we can let go of resentments we had towards mother figures who may have been hard on us. Or perhaps as we grow older we can let go of concern and move on.
The message so far must deal with trying to get people to move on, let the courts decision stand and move on. Suppose we are estranged from our mother figures, it could be that it is important to reach out for we do not know when they are passing. Or perhaps we need them despite the past.

3. Emotional water(present)
29 imprisonment 21 family room reversed, 33 concern reversed

Unless we are deal with an imprisonment situation, it is time to look at how we are in prisons of our own making and see what shape our family room is in. one key component in the guidelines for family room was how this where we entertained.
So perhaps this shows that to lessen our concern in our live we should get our family room upright and get ready to have parties.
And a message sent out can get some help with that. to get the party arranged and invite them to.

4. Physical emotion (present to future)
19 coffin, 15 lovers reversed 33 concern reversed

We see the ending, and lovers suffering, yet with concern being alleviated we get some sort of hope.
A message can help smooth out the process of the coffin, and the break up of the lovers.
Why do we say “we are sorry “when someone lost their loved one? of course saying “let’s party” won’t help but it is such a social cliché that we sometimes just do it robotically.
Yet I remember my mom saying did so and so show up at the funeral or post any sorrys on our wall when our loved one has passed. So, unless we do send a message (and perhaps gift of flowers with our messages) we are not showing our support.

5. Physical earth (future)
14 message of concern reversed, 7 message, 33 concern reversed

We can look for all the messages we can about the future, aka tarot, oracles, astrology, numerology, palmistry, sometimes they simply can’t alleviate the concern about the future despite how we get told we should let go of the worrying about the future.
Of course, sometimes with messages we are looking for promises of support in the future so we can make our plans.
6. Mental affects body (future to the higher)
26 reversed great fortune, 22 official people reversed 33 concern reversed

I am thinking of the notion that is given of how a person can write a letter to their angel, then burn it so it can be let go to the universe. Or how a person can write a letter to the person who had offended them then burn it as a way of releasing.
Here we are seeking to let go of our concern of great fortune not coming our way aka the universe will bring us poverty, and how people in official capacity we are hoping will help us simply won’t for they do not care.
We know a message simply will not bring us great fortune, or will change a person of power mind.
Perhaps it is a message to send a message and then let it go if we can not change the mind of the official person. For it wasn’t meant to be.

7. Mental air (higher reach)
33 concern reversed, 36 distant horizons, 13 wealthy man

I remember in one tv show the person was trying to save up their money and not buy something, as he worked hard to save up the wealth. the person told him why did he save it for if wasn’t going to make use of it? to which the little wealthy man (it was a small fortune say 10,000 but not like millions) replied “I have no idea “so afterwards he invested the money.
Here it is saying that if you got the means travel, why not, you got the wealth, treat yourself.
Now this possibly points to good aspects of the message which was originally pleasant message.
What is more pleasant then being invited to go traveling, free of charge? or to be invited to a galore by a man we respect for he has a way of portraying himself he comes across like Clark gable.

8. Spiritual mind (higher to past)
33 concern reversed, 9 change, 38 reversed toils and labours

By looking at the past and how we may have worked hard, we can change that, and by changing that we can find our mental worries are lessened.
So, a message can change the fortunes of others, it can change our fortune if we seize the moment. I am not sure how a message here can be relevant to working, unless it is to give our notice before we make our change as to leave on good terms.

Now to look at the reading other ways
look past the x axis in the spread and the other 4 lines becomes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. (cool eh)

19 coffin, 29 imprisonment, 6 mature women reversed

Our fears of messages once we lose someone we love is worry that it will happen again, that can make the best mature woman seem on edge. That fear can make us create a sort of prison for our body so don’t’ live like how we did before and age before our time.
Perhaps message card is telling us to advise our friends to avoid such situations (once time has passed so they are ready)
Lovers reversed, family room reversed, 30 judication

This combo is intriguing, you know if you look at the judication card in the kipper, with the man and woman, and the judge, you can a sort of image of the man and woman and angel overseeing them. Perhaps we can think of how people get married a lot by the justice of the peace. And he is looking to see why they be together.
Either way our message speaks of telling a person that they are love when they are not ready to admit it. Or perhaps they are blind to the faults of their lover so we should look out for them.

22 official person reversed, 36 distant horizons, 9 change

As we are the official person here tired of our position we seek to change how we feel by getting away.
A message says it is time to arrange this. As stated before it is about the wisdom prayer about knowing the serenity of what we can not change.

26 great fortune reversed, 13 wealthy man, 38 toils and labours reversed

We see a wealthy man seeking to avoid unnecessary work as he is worried his great fortune will be reduced. As the saying goes, where a man treasure is, there his heart lies. It is a call from the universe to find a better treasure then wealth.
Perhaps a message is to tell a person how lucky they are aka they still got their health and family.

Looking at the cards right to left (past to future)
Distant past
38 toils and labours reversed, 16 thoughts, 6 mature women reversed

A person trying to use these thoughts to overcome his past of working hard, and perhaps how a mature woman was hard on him. By trying to make his thoughts more positive he seeks healing himself.
The message card could be to inspire him then.

Recent past.
9 change, 8 false person 30 judication

A false person could be trying to change you, for them to get out of the judication that will be in your favour.
The message is trying to tell you to check all your facts. Perhaps since there is no thief card that the false person isn’t all that bad, and things can go lightly

Possible near future
22 official person reversed, 7 message, 15 lovers reversed

You may get a message about how a person of some means is trying to become involved in your lover’s relationship to form a love triangle.
The message therefore though perhaps is to be trust in your love and perhaps it can stay the course.

Possible far future
19 coffin, 14 message of concern reversed, 26 great fortune reversed

Besides living careful and working to reduce risks while trying to build your great fortune
That death will come eventually. Let go of your concern for as Jesus says who among you by worrying can add another minute to your life.
So, it is about letting of stress
So, the message being sent is we can use to try to lesson a person worry.

Soul message about messages in general

17 gift reversed, 11 sudden wealth reversed 35 pathways

A gift sometimes isn’t’ a gift, and rare is it that sudden wealth is given. the true path is by keeping the faith and moving along with your eye to the mountain.

The message therefore should be inspirational when received and when given seek to lesson people concern, and show that you will be their friend and stay the path.