Clamp: X Tarot


Hi everyone,

I'm looking for an easy way to purchase the Clamp: X Tarot deck. Any suggestions?




good luck on that. it's fairly impossible to find as other kewl japanese style decks. i actually got lucky and got a bid on a miracle tarot. it came in the mail yesterday and DROOL.

i got soo lucky as there is another deck on ebay for $60. and i paid half that for the one i got.

not to mention, my new badtz maru backpack...he's nifty too.

good luck in finding the deck!

isthmus nekoi

In a word: Chinartown.... I've seen it there, but I'm suspicious... The X manga hasn't finished yet, and each release features a new card in the cover.... they've only gotten up to X-16 (I think)... I believe each collected issue is released twice a year...


Thanks for the info. We go to NY china town a few times a year. I will look there.

As far as not finishing the series, I just like the artwork - as long as it is a full 78 card deck I'm buying.


anri k.

Look around on ebay -- every once in awhile, it shows up. By the time it ends, though, the price is waay high. >__<
But sometimes it has the "Buy it now" option, so it's best if you have a credit card, you can get it while it's cheap.

I wondered about how they would have a full deck when the manga isn't finished yet.. o_O Maybe they did all the cards in advance..

Also, is it only available in chinese? That's what I always find, the instructions are in chinese. Maybe the japanese version will come out when X is finished(whenever that is..).

I wonder if the minor arcana are like all the other japanese decks I've seen so far, pips.. I hope it's not, CLAMP is better than that.. o_O There's a site with the first 14 cards up -- It's at

My favorite so far is the Fool, it's the prettiest card by far.. ^-^

Wow.. Enough rambling.


isthmus nekoi

The instructions are in *Chinese*?!!! That seriously screams bootleg to me. As for the manga, CLAMP hasn't released one w/The Fool yet. Readers like I, suspect that it will come at the end of the series (which will still be years to come, since we're only at The Tower). I've seen the CLAMP deck every time I go to buy manga at this place in Chinatown (Toronto's main one - we have a few :p) but maybe I should check it out. If it's printed on cheap stock, and isn't reasonably expensive you can bet it's not the real deal (if that matters. It'd still be pretty cool to have a CLAMP deck, even if it wasn't official!)...


Those are really beautiful! Thepictures took quite awhile to load , but it was worth it 8) .


There is 1 on Ebay with buy it now $30


i am now also bidding on a clamp x tarot... hopefully, i can get that. who knows, maybe i'm willing to trade the miracle for a clampx.

blessed be, and wish us all luck


You didn't take "buy me now" option!
Wish you luck!