Does anyone know of tarot classes? I'm very auditory and do better when I hear things versus reading it in a book


Tarot classes

There are plenty of free courses on Youtube. I would suggest Kelly Ann Maddox's. It's called Trainee Tarot and it's 10 videos. She does a very good job of covering meanings and spreads and such. Donnaleigh De La Rose has many Tarot videos as well. Another option would be Dan Pelletier's audio book The Process, which is available through Tarot Garden.


Great. Thank you!


Check out podcasts--Dusty White has an extensive catalog (just google dusty white tarot podcast, there's a link for the podomatic website). Biddy Tarot just started one, I haven't had time to check it out but it's probably good. I have listened to some others (Menage a Tarot, Beyond Worlds), but I think Dusty White & Biddy will be more focused on learning tarot for the beginner; anyway in my limited listening to all of them those have provided me with more "useful" information.