cleansing; how often?


morticia monroe said:
I don't cleanse my stones at all. I liken it to re-ordering a deck. It's like taking a human and erasing their memory. I find that, like people, the more my stones experience, the stronger they become.

I do at times set them in the moonlihgt. Not for the purpose of cleansing, but simply to let them bask in awe (as I do)under Our Lady Moon.

Ah, but they are so much prettier when they are cleansed. I have a gorgeous phantom smoky quartz. When it needs to be cleansed, the quartz is so dark that you can't see the phantoms. After cleansing, the amazing phantoms become dark shapes in a medium brown crystal that looks as deep and clear as the ocean at some Hawaiian beaches. And crystals sparkle more after cleansing. I think it makes them happy to be clean.

In fact, I first started cleansing my crystals under running water. I would visualize a rainstorm and then let the crystal shift the imagery as it felt comfortable. For instance, one rose quartz likes lazy, sensous baths because the imagery would shift to a gently meandering stream. Others shifted to huge storms, or pounding rains, or misty nights that lightly drench the world in dew. Some had some kind of temple structure in the vision, from egyptian obelisks slowly revealing cartouches under the pouring rain to cathedrals that shed packed dirt from gargoyles and stone corners during a deluge. I always let the vision continue until everything in the vision was sparkling clean, from top to bottom.

But my all-time favorite was a small milky quartz sphere. I put it under the tap, started envisioning the rain in my head, and suddenly I saw a dark-haired man in the shower. He lathered and scrubbed himself from head to foot, singing the entire time. When he was finished, I started to pull the sphere out from under the tap, and he suddenly screamed "Wait!". I put him back under the water, and suddenly I saw the guy frantically brushing his teeth in front of the mirror! LOL!

I told him to take his time. I would wait for him to finish.

That exercise is an excellent way to get to know know your crystals. I have one friend who can't connnect very well with any kind of earth energy and never understood the whole crystals thing. In 5 minutes, he was communicating with different crystals and getting exceptionally clear impressions of each crystal's personality and character. We selected 5 crystals with very unique personalities, and did the exercise with a group of about 6 or so people. Everybody received fairly consistent visions (different imagery, but consistent personalities - like each tarot card is different in every deck, but consistent in meaning).

Dancing Bear

morticia monroe said:
I don't cleanse my stones at all. I liken it to re-ordering a deck. It's like taking a human and erasing their memory. I find that, like people, the more my stones experience, the stronger they become.

I do at times set them in the moonlight. Not for the purpose of cleansing, but simply to let them bask in awe (as I do)under Our Lady Moon.

I'm with you morticia monroe.
I do exactly the same

and wash them under running water, to wash the dust off.!


Le Fanu said:
I know everyone will answer; depends!

If you feel that the energy has changed within your crystal, thats the perfect time to cleanse your crystals.


Hi there!

I cleanse my crystals periodically, usually under running water and/or sometimes with a spray mixture (the one mentioned in Judy Hall's books.) This depends on what I have been using the stone for...carrying around or a full crystal layout...

I find that in time, you can "feel" when they need it...a quick breath/clearing visualization also works in a pinch



If you have a camelian,carnelian, stone or a hematite stone, these stones if placed next to your other stones will automatically clean all of your stones. You should wash your stones off with water ever other night if you do not have these twos tones listed above availible. Also charging is a totally different thing. To charge your stones ,set them out by grounding them in the light of the moon. I put mine in a specific spot in my back yard on the ground. By grounding the stones and putting them in the moon light you are making absolute that your stones will be charged to the highest.Also when i am cleansing my stones i say a prayer to god, asking that he bless my stones and that they be used for only good intentions.

The crowned one

AS most of these crystals are over 500 million years old and many much much more, I feel they did well before my few years of interference without charging or cleansing, so never in my case... I am another that feels a good dusting is fine. What effect can my few years of enjoyment really have on a billion year old rock?

Even a man made quartz crystal gets 100,000's of hours of use under constant electrical pressure before drifting off frequency and it is piezoelectricity ability destabilizes.

So I guess it depends on the individual and what they believe? ;)


What about cleansing in the light of the sun? :D I like to leave my crystals in a small glass bowl full of water in sunlight for a day - when the light hits them they positively sing!

(Really enjoying reading this thread - I don't often feel very in touch with my crystals and you've all given some great advice :))


I generally cleanse my crystals when I feel the need to..I think of them as kind of a filter. I believe, even just sitting in the box I have for them (I have some negative energy in my home at the moment), they tend to get little negative energy dust bunnies...if that makes sense to anyone, lol!
And I cleanse them by either setting them in the windowsill on a sunny day or a night with a full moon. They seem to enjoy both!


I know everyone will answer; depends!

Let me be more specific; I like to carry grounding stones around with me. At work, I usually have my Obsidian palmstone slipped in my breast pocket. Or soemtimes a Hematite tumblestone or Onyx or Hawk's eye... We're talking most days here and it is very much with the idea of grounding, calming and keeping negativity at bay.

So how often?

Last night I charged (or is this cleansed?) under a full moon. Another question; does it have to be a full moon or will any bright moon do?

Wondering how long this is going to last me (is it like charging up a cell phone? :D)...

I think any moonlight will do, and if there are specifics, it has more to do with whether the moon is waxing or waning. And of course, the full moon has the strongest light, so it would probably be the most powerful.

I don't really believe in all this stuff, but I cleanse my stones maybe once a month...or whenever I see they are getting dusty. I like the idea of moonlight, but don't want to leave them outdoors at night, lest some thieving raccoon runs off with mostly I set them on a tray and put them outside on a bright sunny day for an hour or so. I also use sage to smudge them, especially when they are new. I don't use salt and rarely use water, as either one can be damaging to some stones.