Clow Cards Revisited.


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My favorite divination deck of all time is the Clow Card oracle deck. The deck is a reproduction of the cards in a Japanese anime called Card Captors Sakura. It was the second divination deck I bought, and it's the one I use most. I purchased mine from a Japanese import store in LA when the show was at it's most popular. A quick look on ebay shows that the Japanese set I own has been marked up considerably. For those interested there are knock off reproductions, but the colors and shading are different, and I don't think they look nearly as nice.

The deck did not come with any instructions, but as each card is a single noun, verb or elemental, the meanings can be easily deduced. I remember looking up the meanings when I first got them, but I never used them. I prefer to read them intuitively, and it works out quite well.

While using my Clow Card deck the other morning I decided I would recreate them and scale them down. The cards are a bit large and came in a hard cardboard case shaped like a book. The book and cards together are just not portable. I still take them with me on vacation, but they take up a lot of real estate.

There are 52 Clow Cards in the original set, not counting Sakura's cards, so I knew by scaling them down to poker card size, I could get it printed cheaply and the cards would be more portable. Originally I thought I would just scan my cards, dissect them and then collage them back together in a poker sized card. That however didn't sit right with me. So I thought I would redraw them and restyle them.

The Cards:
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04 April 2013:
-Retextured all Cards.
-Added Earthy, Erase, and Fight.

23 April 2013:
-Added: Card Back, The Firey, The Float, and The Flower

05 May 2013:
-Added: Light, Little, Lock, Loop
-Added link to demo website.

14 September 2013:
-Added: The Maze, The Mirror and The Mist

13 Dec 2013:
-Fixed website
-Added: The Move, and The Nothing

16 Dec 2013:
-Added: The Power, and The Rain
-Fixed website scroll bug on Android.
-Updated Side By Sides

7 July 2014:
-Added: The Return and the Sand
-Updated website to show v5 images

9 July 2014:
-Added card back comparison

20 Jan 2015
-Added 9 cards: The Shadow, The Shield, The Shot, The Silent, The Snow, The Song, The Storm and The Wave.

26 Jan 2015
-Added 4 cards. The Sweet, The Sword, The Through and The Wood.
-Edited and updated some existing cards like The Erase and The Firey.


:thumbsup: I like the feel of the tones you use! And playing card size would be a welcome change. I've got a knockoff and the pink set, but this is much nicer!


The pink deck I thought looked really nice. I purchased one a while back, but it disappeared when I moved a few years ago. The tones I thought were well used.


;) Just a bit too . . . pink.


Oh I really want a set of these! Wonderful job reworking them!


;) Just a bit too . . . pink.


I ike the originals , the clow set.

I remember thinking they could e used for divination , but never reallytried it.
I know somebody was trying to come up with a tarot in the same style that the clow cards , the idea was nice , but it never came to be. the art wasnt as similiar to the originals as it should have been either...


Ooooh !
Those are so yummy !!

They do have a different feel : more serious, a little bit less all fluffy and *oh the world is wonderful - everybody is happy !*



After a long break, I've taken this project up again. I added the Earthy, Erase and Fight cards. I also restyled all of the cards as I didn't really like the paper texture I had originally done.


Really super! :thumbsup: i hope you see them through completion. i like your take on them quite a bit better than the originals. :love: Much less "cutsie". i especially like your take on "the Dark"...but i like all of them better really!

ETA: "Glamour and Mystery"--yes! Our Alta hit the nail on the head in the post below


You have definitely added some glamour and mystery. I like what you have done!