Clow Cards: The Big


Now is the time to big yourself up. Blow that trumpet. Really make a big issue out of something that is important to you. Stop trying to belittle yourself or what is going on. If it means something to you, give it the consideration it deserves. This also asks you to aim high and really achieve something major that is within your grasp.

This could show that you are huffing & puffing and not really impressing anyone, let alone yourself. Bragging is different from being proud of genuine achievements. Also, make sure you are not trying to trample over others who may not be as strong-willed as you are.

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Big (Ace of Hearts [Cups])

Upright: Fall season. An unexpected accomplishment might take place involving an unlikely love relationship, a dream, or a goal of yours. Significant hints and information about the future can be obtained if you go to group activities and parties. The beginning of love, joy, beauty, or good health. Among hearts it implies love, friendship, and affection.

Reverse: Hesitancy to accept the things that come from the heart, love under a selfish grasp, egotism


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Big is a gentle card who can make creatures and objects grow very large. It's the sister card of the Little and has the exact opposite effect. So logically, the meaning would also be the opposite one. It might be time for you to make yourself 'bigger' / more visible and to take more space.

Or, like Sakura who is embarrassed when she uses this card and becomes a giant, you could feel like you're too much in the spotlight and you would rather not be.

The Big is under the power of the Light, the Sun and is related to Western magic.