Clow Cards: The Dream


This card is one of prophecy and listening to what your instincts or guidance is telling you. You may also find that your dreams are trying to tell you something. Even if it does seem somewhat bizarre, take note- sometimes we need to override the mental/rational side in order to really see the true picture.

You may be ignoring what you know deep down is right. If that alarm bell is ringing, listen to it. Otherwise, you may find you go off in the wrong direction. If you are listening to the guidance of others, think about if it is the right thing for you or for now. You know yourself better than they do in the long run.

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Dream (Two of Hearts [Cups])

Upright: A new romance, a well balanced friendship is beginning, harmony, cooperation. Prosperity and success in a measure dependent on the surrounding cards; endearments and wedding bells.

Reverse: A loss of balance in a relationship, a violent passion, love turning bad, a misunderstanding


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Dream is a card whose usual form (when active) is a blue butterfly. It has the ability to make people dream of their greatest wish. This could symbolize an important goal/dream/wish you want to realize, or be related to anything/anybody very meaningful to you.

Another of its abilities is to make people foresee the future through their dreams. It could symbolize the actual prediction of a future event. Or it could be advising you to pay attention to some dream you had or might have, as it could hold some useful meaning.

The Dream is under the power of the Dark, the Moon and is related to Eastern magic.