Clow Cards: The Earthy


This shows that there is a down to earth practical issue that needs a no-nonsense practical & straight-forward approach. It is not the time to be contemplative and to look for answers from the ether. Sometimes we need to stretch our imaginations to embrace the new, but this card indicates that this is not the case for now. Just stick to what is within your capabilities and aim for the simple approach.

You are possibly making things appear more difficult than they really are. The situation of using 500 words where 5 would be perfectly adequate. Why are you complicating things? Is it to impress? Or is it because you have overestimated the issue and made it more complex than it really is?

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Earthy (Three of Diamonds [Pentacles])

Upright: Reward for skills or abilities, approval, success through effort. Legal and domestic quarrels. Now is the time to focus on the foundation. The basics are important, but do not forget to make an effort. There is no immediate effect, but the results will eventually bring about a big chance to
become productive.

Reverse: Quality in workmanship is neglected, good work is expended due to a preoccupation with money, common place ideals or ambitions


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Earthy is a woman-like entity and is one of the most powerful cards of the deck, being one of the elementals. It could represent a good-natured person who can be strong and show aggressiveness when needed.

She has the ability to create earthquakes and manipulate earth-related material at will. This could symbolize any event or situation related to geological matters, agriculture work, or things made with material originating from the ground.

She is the last card to be captured in the anime. This caused the guardian of the Clow book to gain back his lost powers and return to his original form. It could symbolize the final step of a process and/or could imply that some gains will be made if you manage to finish what you started.

The Earthy is under the power of the Sun and commands various types of cards. It's related to Western magic.