Clow Cards: The Flower


You have the ability to really flower and show your true talents and abilities. This card is the culmination of some work or toil that has gone a little unnoticed, but should be able to draw attention if you go about it the right way. The growth period is now over, so let yourself develop and show what has been created along the way.

You may find yourself missing out on enjoyment here. The time frame given to you is not going to be a long one, so make the most of it and try not to let the opportunity slip away- you never know how long it will be before such an opportunity arises again. Go and blow your own trumpet- it might just pay off. Be careful also that you don't over do the fun aspects and end up wilting because of it!

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Flower (Four of Diamonds [Pentacles])

Upright: Love of power or money, a lack of give-and-take, miserly or ungenerous nature. Breach of confidence. Troubles caused by inconstant friends, vexations and disagreeable. Using calm, fair judgment, it is possible to choose humble decisions. The problem that has caused a loss in balance will be restored to a better state.

Reverse: Some earthly possessions may be lost, obstacles or delays in business affairs, a spendthrift.


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Flower is a playful card who enjoys festivities a lot. She could symbolize a light-hearted person. She could also represent some celebration or fun event.

Her only ability is to create any kind of flowers. In the second part of the anime, Sakura transformed her into a Sakura card so that she could make her a flower bouquet she wanted to offer to her great-grand-father. So this card could also symbolize a gift.

The Flower is under the power of the Earthy, the Sun and is related to Western magic.