Clow Cards: The Light


This is to show that even though things look dark & gloomy at times, there is the chance of light to illuminate the way. If you see there is that spark, build on it and bring it to full brightness. Seeing the positive when things are not always bright & breezy is easier said than done, but if you remain positive a lo can happen for the better.

You may be choosing to look negatively on things, or have the woe is me syndrome. This will only turn people away who may want to be of support.

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Light (Five of Spades [Swords])

Upright: Defeat, cowardliness, cruelty, an empty victory. Bad temper and a tendency to interfere in the inquirer, but happiness to be found in the chosen wife/husband/partner. This is the closest to a win one can come to in this situation.

Reverse: A lesser chance of loss or defeat, an empty victory, unfairness in dealings


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Light is, along with the Dark, one of the most powerful cards of the deck, without them being elemental cards. She is a woman-like entity with a serene and gentle personality. The Light and the Dark are complementary to each other. They are always together and they wanted to be sealed together. It might symbolize the fact that some 'positive' is needed to balance the 'negative'. Also, nothing is only 'black' or 'white', but a mix of both. In this case, the focus is on the white or light aspect.

In the anime, the Light was hidden in the main character's heart/soul since the beginning. She finally came out when the character managed to cheer up despite the fact that she was lost alone in the darkness created by the Dark card. This could symbolize the 'light' of hope we all have inside ourselves and that can help us when everything else seems to fail us. Or it could represent any potential 'ray of light' / hope.

She has the ability to create and control light and can bring forth the sunrise. It could symbolize light/daytime or any light/daytime-related matter or event.

The Light is under the power of the Sun and commands various kinds of cards.