Clow Cards: The Lock


It may appear that things are conspiring against you, causing a block or barrier you can't break through. Rather frustrating if it only seems to affect you and not others around you. Brute force is not going to be the answer, but you may need to also look inside for the cause of the block. Is it one you have subconsciously created, or is it something that is there to make you stop and think of alternatives? Either way, what you want may be frustratingly out of reach for now.

Come on . . . there is a solution if only you can really give it some due attention. The key is there, and might not be as difficult as you think it is. Or are you preferring to put things on hold, or lock away emotions for a reason?

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Lock (Six of Diamonds [Pentacles])

Upright: Sharing of prosperity, one will soon receive what is rightfully theirs, charity, gifts. A pleasant chat can result in lost trust, if you talk too much. Be careful, because it is difficult to regain trust.

Reverse: Bribes, unfairness, prosperity is threatened, jealousy, miserliness


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Lock is an entity who looks like a small padlock when in its visible form. It has the ability to lock almost any closable/lockable objects and it can completely seal rooms (preventing escape by any physical means). It might represent a very withdrawn/private person, who prefers to keep a distance between themselves and others. Or it could symbolize a well-kept secret.

In the anime, many characters were locked inside a room by the card. This might symbolize a loss of freedom or the feeling of being trapped.

The Lock is under the Earthy, the Sun and is related to Western magic.