Clow Cards: The Move


This could show it is now time to move on. It is not asking for something major; just put some distance between yourself and where you are now. Almost like the Hermit card in tarot. If things always seem to be out of reach, it could be that you have to do something to move after them. They could be trying to get you to move onto the path you should be in a spiritual sense.

This could show that you are trying to get others to move where you you are unwilling to do so. Not a good approach. If something needs addressing or changing, it must come from you. Stagnation is going to lead to boredom in time. Be careful you are not looking to ?up sticks? out of a knee jerk reaction.

?wondering if this refers to pulling up stakes?

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Move (Nine of Clubs [Wands])

Upright: Preparedness, eventual victory, good health, strength in reserve, tendency to obstinacy. Friction through opposition to the wishes of friends. Your natural luck is a bit off, timingwise.
The cause seems to be an impromptu remark and / or a whimsical action. Don't become a person who does nothing but over exaggerate. Keep your promises. Communicate to the best of your ability. It's easy to become influenced by feelings, so think before you speak.

Reversed: Unpreparedness, refusal to fight, weakness in character, ill health, bending over adversity


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Move is a mischievous but not very powerful card with the ability to teleport small objects on short distances. It could refer to a small life change or a change in plans.

In the anime, the card keeps on teleporting a book in different places and Sakura has to look for it for a while. So it could also refer to a lost or misplaced object.

The Move is under the power of Windy, the Moon and is related to Eastern magic.