Clow Cards: The Return


This is indicating that you may ned to look at previous events or past actions to see where solutions or paths forward lie. This is not indicating to live in the past- far from it. However, the past is our doorway to what we can be, so you may need to acknowledge or deal with something that can have a bearing on how you can move from the here-and-now. Be objective and honest with yourself when doing this, particularly if it almost causes you to look at yourself in the 3rd person.

You are perhaps blaming the past for your actions or inactivity in the now. This can often lead to us refusing to take responsibility; where we prefer inaction instead of the effort involved in changing something. Use the past, but don't use it as a crutch for you to rely on, or for blame issues.

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Return (Ten of Clubs [Wands])

Upright: An oppressive load, pain, all plans or projects ruined, complete failure. Riches suddenly acquired, probably through the death of a relation or friend. You will have a second chance. You will settle your regrets and the problem that you ran away from.

Reversed: Strength, energy, a desire to ruin the happiness of others, a clever person


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Return card allows its user to travel back in the distant past and be a 'ghost' observer of events that took place. It could symbolize the need to think about something that happened in the past to resolve a current situation.

This card was not used a lot in the anime because it drains too much energy from its user. It could symbolize the fact that you are 'living in the past' and it's taking away the energy you should be directing to the present instead.

Sakura transformed this card and used it to go back to a moment in Clow's previous life to ask him important questions. So it could also be indicative of information related to one of your past lives.

The Return is under the power of the Light, the Sun and is related to Western magic.