Clow Cards: The Sand


This can indicate that there may be a feeling of not being able to really move forward, of being bogged down. It certainly shows that progress is hard going and quite slow, and also energy-sapping at the same time. Sometimes all you can do is just keep plodding on, but pace yourself so as not to drain yourself of energy by trying to force the issue.

This can indicate things have been made unnecessarily difficult. It can also advise against standing still for too long, otherwise you may experience that sinking feeling! By procrastinating you may find that you have to work harder to actually get the momentum going again. Try not to dig that hole for yourself. And if someone else is digging it with you in mind, do what is needed to avoid becoming trapped.

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Sand (Nine of Diamonds [Pentacles])

Upright: Well-being, things in life are enjoyed alone, solitude. This card is influenced by the one accompanying it; if the latter be a court card, the person referred to will have his capacities discounted by a restless, wandering disposition. It may imply a surprise connected with money. Time and a person's feelings change constantly, yet they always exist in some form, so there is no single point of view. Reconciliation with your friend or your lover is sure to go well too, if it is taken one step at a time.

Reverse: Loss is possible, danger from thieves, caution


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Sand is an entity who takes the appearance of flowing sand in its visible form. It has the ability to control existing sand, but can also create some out of earthy/rocky material.

In the anime, the Sand spreaded itself on the ground by taking a fast swirling quicksand-like appearance. This might symbolize a situation where you feel like you're stuck or getting bugged down/entangled.

Still in the anime, they managed to stop and catch the card by literally freezing it (after having it absorb water). This could be advising you to stop dead in your track/freeze your actions until your situation gets better.

The Sand is under the power of the Earthy, the Sun and is related to Western magic.