Clow Cards: The Shadow


This shows that there might be decption around you. Certainly things are not what they seem, so there is a need to be alert. It might also come from unexpected sources so be careful of who you trust. Have your wits about you to pick up any signs of where the cause of this might be.

This could either indicate you have actions or motives that might be a little less than honest, or it could show that you have been somewhat too trusting. If so, the rug could be pulled out from beneath you at any time.

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Shadow (Ten of Diamonds [Pentacles])

Upright: Stable family, gain in wealth, property is acquired. The problem is haunting you like a shadow, and is going to give you a message. Since the path that should be followed faces away from the front of the problem, turning around will allow it to come into view.

Reverse: Family misfortune, caution, mind is dull, slothfulness


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Shadow is a mischievous card that likes to cause trouble. Its first symbolism would be : dark side/self, troublemaker.

Something interesting is that Shadow needs light to exist, but too much light will weaken it. It holds some meaning related to the importance of balance (yin/yang, light/dark, positive/negative).

After being transformed into a Sakura Card, it helped with finding a friend who was lost.

The Shadow is under the power of light, Sun and Western magic.