Clow Cards: The Through


This may have one of two slants: either something is done and dusted and needs to be let go of, or it can indicate the need to really break through something- which may be hard work and may have repercussions elsewhere. Either way, it does indicate a big change.

This can show that there is the holding on to old or negative habits or lifestyles. Sometimes we do this through fear of change or of letting go of somethings that has been a part of our life so long. It can also indicate the reluctance to put effort into something which could only benefit in the long run . . . why stick with what is easy when challenges can be more rewarding?

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Through (King of Clubs [Wands])

Upright: A gentleman, father, passionate, generous, noble, a good leader. A man of upright, high-minded nature. calculated to make an excellent husband, faithful and true in his affections.

Reversed: Severe, unyielding, strict, intolerance, prejudice, quarrels


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Through is a human-like entity who has the ability to pass through solid objects. It can also grant this ability to its user, but it can be dangerous. Depending on the level of magical power of the user and the thickness of the object, the user is at risk of getting stuck while passing through! It could symbolize a potential risk that might arise while completing some business/project. Or it could represent the possibility of successfully do/complete something that seemed impossible/inconceivable at first.

The Through is under the Firey, the Sun and is related to Western magic.