Clow Cards: The Time


Time is crucial for action here. Are you wasting time and thus letting something slip by? Are you trying to force an issue before it is ready? Really let go of what your enthusiasm (or lack thereof) is telling you. Think about what is going to be the best time to tackle this. It will then make things easier all round.

You are making life difficult for yourself by not pacing or timing an issue. Time will catch you out for sure unless you realize time is in control of you, not the other way round.

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Time (Jack [Page] of Hearts [Cups])

Upright: Gentleness, sweetness, kindness, an interest in poetry or art, news. Sometimes taken as Cupid; also as the best friend of the inquirer, or as a fair person's thoughts. The cards on either side of the jack are indicative of the good or bad nature of its intentions.

Reverse: Selfishness, little desire to create, a poor imagination


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Time card has control over the passing of time. It has the ability to speed up, slow down, pause and even rewind time. It can symbolize anything related to timing, or it could be an advice telling you to slow down, take a break or even to go faster. The surrounding cards would help in differentiating the meaning.

I would put an emphasis on the 'pause for a moment' meaning. Sakura transformed this card so she could pause time to save people from an avalanche. In real life, it's unfortunately not possible to stop time, but it's sometimes possible to wait before making an action and take the time to think about it more carefully.

The Time is under the power of the Dark, the Moon and is related to Eastern magic.