Clow Cards: The Twin


This card is to do with duplicating things. Sometimes having two of something can be useful (standby issues etc) but sometimes it can cause complications. Where in your life is there duplication? Is it healthy to do this, or is it creating unnecessary work and using/wasting valuable energy or time? It can indicate the marrying of souls or the use of identical or compatible creative energy. Yep, the saying two heads are better than one can definitely apply here.

It might indicate that the combining of resources is not happening. Why is this? Could such combination be useful, or is it indicating a person or issue which is only ever considering one approach? Independence is a good thing, but if it leads to stubbornness can be a negative thing.

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Twin (Queen of Hearts [Cups])

Upright: Imagination out-ways one's common sense, a good wife or loving mother, happiness, gentle, a good natured person. A fair woman, loving and lovable, domesticated, prudent, and faithful.

Reverse: An over-active imagination, perverse, pleasure and happiness may turn bitter


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Twin is a somewhat aggressive and feisty card who takes up the appearance of 2 small children dressed in jester costumes. It might symbolize real twins or 2 people that could be considered as such.

It has the ability to duplicate people and objects, which would confuse people as there is no way to know which person/object is the real one. This could symbolize a false copy, a false friend or a lie. It could also refer to cheating/plagiarism.

In the anime, they could only manage to catch and seal it by beating both twins in the same way at the same time. They needed to use tight cooperation for it to succeed. It might be advising you to ask the help of someone very close to you who has your complete trust. Or it could mean that the amount of work needed to resolve a situation will be the double of what you were expecting.

The Twin is under the power of the Firey, the Sun and is related to Western magic.