Clow Cards: The Voice


Communication is key here. You may be feeling you don't have the right words to use (at this moment in time) or you may be feeling that others have more worthwhile things to say. Try and look at why it is you are not being heard. What is it you need to do to get your point across? It might just be a lack of confidence here; but if others are louder, the quiet voice often gets the attention for longer.

Is there some back-stabbing going on? Are you an empty vessel making a lot of sound? Or someone could be doing this to you!

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Voice (King of Hearts [Cups])
Upright: A business man, a man of law, kindness, a considerate person, a willingness to take on responsibility, and enjoyment of the arts or sciences. Given to rash judgments, possessing more zeal than discretion.

Reverse: A powerful man but a double-dealer, crafty, violent, scandal


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Voice is a mischievous card, but shy and timid. It has the ability to steal people's voice, which renders them mute. It might represent a thief or the theft of something.

In the anime, one of the characters got her voice stolen a few days before her singing recital and this loss saddened her as she didn't know if she would get back her voice in time. This could symbolize the loss of something important to you and the feeling of sadness/vulnerability related to it.

The Voice is under the Windy, the Moon and is related to Eastern magic.