Collaborative Tarot


Please join in -- the creation of a collaborative deck--->

PARTICIPANTS SO FAR (please indicate preferred cards: max one major & one suit)
patter [hermit]
blue-fusion [death]
rota [high priestess]
temperlyne [knight of cups : temperance]
fanci [star]
insomnia turtle
juice [tower]

Art Deco pack.
grey scale or b/w
2.5x4.375 inch dimension overall card


me!! i want in. :) seriously, i think the deco theme would be nice (haven't seen a deck with that theme before). or why not even impressionist/expressionist? in any case, i'd be glad to contribute. :)


Yes, count me in, too.

I rather like the idea of a Deco deck. Black & white, sleek, geometric... I'd vote for that first.

But, I'll go contribute to whatever art style the group coalesces around.


I want in! I'd love to be a part of this.

The self portait and poetry themes sound interesting, (gives you a chance to see what all of us look like!) but I'm happy to do any theme and style. It would be a challenge to see if I can.

So when you start dealing out the cards, don't forget me!


This sounds fun would love to help with this. I would vote for deco. I love the long svelte lines. And black an white line art would also be great. fanci


aeclectic currently has a deck project in the works. i don't know all the requirements for participating but one is paying for a subscription to the forum. there's a link somewhere about supporting the forum if you are interested. it's $25 a year.

Insomnia Turtle

Patter - Sounds fun! I will participate if there is still room for one more and if you don't mind someone who doesn't know a lot about traditional meanings (for those of you who don't know already, see the "For those who don't use LWBs..." topic). Personally I'm with temperlyne and I would vote on doing portaits (what a fun idea). As for the style, I don't really care.

truthsayer - I finally got around to taking a peek the last Aeclectic Tarot project. Sounds like fun! Now all I have to do is come up with $25 to burn (easier said than done, but I'll try anyway :)).


I cast my own votes for black and white line art, deco,motif and borders. Any more collaboters out there? I will draft a web spce for it over the weekend.


Sorry Patter, normally I would be in no probs however I am involved in organising the Aeclectic project and I am very busy at the moment.

Good luck with it though, I am looking forward to seeing it's progress. :D


I just signed up for Aeclectic and sent my money but don't have access yet. I want in on these projects. I don't know how much time which project will cost. I'm willing to try.

B&W line drawings looks like the current thrust and I can go with that for this project.