Collection of some Halloween themed spreads

Glass Owl

Paralysis Spread (6 cards) by pyrogyne

This is a spread that I created to try to pull myself out of a situation in which I'd become completely paralyzed; I couldn't see any way out, and so I was doing absolutely nothing, which of course made everything worse.


1: The situation in which you find yourself paralyzed
2: The root of the paralysis -- unconscious/past causes
3: The fear that keeps you paralyzed
4: To overcome the fear
5: To overcome the cause
6: The first step forward

The Cross (from The Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night LWB)


1. yesterday: what led to the current situation
2. tomorrow: the immediate future
3. what is hidden: event or facts that the Querent is not aware of
4. what is known: events or facts that the Querent is aware of
5. the path: the Tarot's advice
6. the truth: the response

The Vampire Diaries Love Sucks Spread (5) by Glass Owl
Based on the CW's television show, "The Vampire Diaries."


1. Stefan: What motivates you to be a better person?
2. Damon: What force in your life can turn destructive if it isn't kept in check?
3. Katherine: What aspect of your past continues to haunt you in the present?
4. Elena: What truth do you need to see about yourself?
5. Unrequited Love: What is it that you want that you can't have?

sweetlove14's This Means War! Spread (5)

This is like a battle spread, it can help with situations with people, addictions, or fighting your own personal demons and more. It provides wisdom and teaches you the tools that you have to use.


1. Whats my curse in this situation? - What is hindering your growth and what you need to adress.

2. Whats my hidden blessing? - Blessings you may not be aware of, this is the highest wisdom you can receive.

3. What is my best defense? - the power you can use to help you fight your battle and also serves as a protection.

4. Outcome - What will manifest when you bring your blessing and defense together.

5. Your Gaurdian/Enemy (Optional)- What the energy is around you and the overall situation, either another being or part of your own psyche. Gives you insight what energy your working with.

quintessence's Halloween Costume, Trick & Treat Spread (3)

Going to a Halloween party? I designed this spread for such an event. Just 3 cards.


1. Costume. This card reveals a persona or attitude the party person can "wear" during the party.
2. Trick. This card reveals what might not be what it seems at the party.
3. Treat. This card reveals what treat can be had from the events that transpire at the party.

Jamie_1311's Trick - or - Treat Halloween Tombstone Spread


The Trick - 1 = What kind of tricks might be coming your way.

The or - 2 = Why these Tricks or Treats might be happening, also shows how they are linked or what may be the key to the two outcomes. It can go hand in hand. What you think could be a trick might be a treat and what might be a treat might be a trick.

The Treat - 3 = What kind of treats might be coming your way.

Three Halloween Spreads Posted by Astraea Aurora - Author Unknown

The author said that this is really three little spreads in one, A, B and C. You could easily use just parts of it.


A is The Costume.
The costume reflects the persona which you’d like to show to your environment. It shows how you are feeling and how you’d like to be viewed. It is an expression of your innermost personality.

B is Trick or Treat. (B1 is the first card, B2 the second one.)
B1 is Treat. The best you can hope for on this Halloween holiday.
B2 is Trick. Shocks, surprises or disappointments that can end up in your trick or treat bag this Halloween night.

C is The Goblin, the Ghost and the Pumpkin. (Again, C1 is the first card, C2 the second one, C3 the third one.)
C1 is The goblin of your existence. It is the monster that is hiding in the closet of your subconsciousness and the imp that is hiding under your bed. Something that is frightening you on this Halloween night, or it is simply annoying you.
C2 is The ghost of your past. This is an event or an experience that is haunting you often. It may be hard to get rid of it. Here is your chance to get to know this ghost and guide him into the light.
C3 is The pumpkin in your garden. It is your potential to grow and to progress. It is the jack-o-lantern that lights up your path to the door or it can be Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage that brings transformation and change.

Illy's Trick or Treat Spread


Kind of like a candy bag with handles on the top...

1) The treat - what you're hoping for
2) The trick - what you aren't expecting or are hoping to avoid

3) The hard candy - what you need to let happen in its own way and time.
4) The chewy candy - the issue/person that bogs you down and sticks like taffy
5) The tart candy - lessons that need to be learned (don't cram 16 Warheads in your mouth at the same time)

6) The caramel apple - what's good for you about the issue
7) The pixy stix - what's bad for you about the issue
8) The shiny toy - the object/person that is the shiny distraction from the issue at hand

Fire Cat's Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Spread

*** 1******2

************ 5
******* 4
** 3

1. The salt in your eye: Where is the problem coming from?
2. The twinkle in your eye: What prospect will help you best deal with the problem?
3. What makes you frown: What is unsavory about this prospect?
4. What is on the tip of your tongue: What are you forgetting that will help?
5. What makes you smile: What you like about the prospect.

Rachey's Pumpkin Spread (8)

(layout by Ivy Rhiannon)

1. Cutting out and removing the lid: What you need to temporary lift to enable you to see yourself clearer?
2. Scooping out the pumpkin: What you need to work hard on or work through?
3. The seeds you reveal: How you can grow? Your potential?
4. The flesh you remove: The obstacles in the way to let you grow?
5. The hollow: You darker self. What is within you that remains unseen?
6. The carving: What you need to pay attention to?
7. The candle: How you can best shine? Your postives? How to reveal your darker self?
8. Replacing the lid: How you will feel more content? The improvement you will notice?
9. Placing the pumpkin in the window: How others will see you and respond?


Just by browsing this over, I was very drawn to the Haunted House Spread, Rachey's Pumpkin Spread, and Yvonne's Halloween Spread.

I can't wait to try these out! These look like a lot of fun! Halloween has long been my favorite holiday. My wacky hyper-Christian mother didn't let me and my brother celebrate it as a kid, so I relish in it now. Talk about your bad socialization. When all the kids in elementary school got to don costumes and go from class to class collecting candy, I got to sit in a room with other sad kids with nutty parents (mostly home school kids) and play non-festive games and watch movies and eat non-festive candies. Wish I could take certain aspects of my childhood back. :mad:

Sorry for that little pity rant. Haha!


One question, does anyone know what Yvonne's Halloween spread is supposed to look like? I can't figure out if its just a layout she chose or if its supposed to represent something.

Guiding Cauldron

bookmarking :)


The Witch's Brew (by IheartTarot)


1) What is troubling you (the ailment)
2) What you are afraid of (the trick)
3) What you are hoping for (the treat)
4) What you can count on (the cat)
5) What will cure you (the remedy)


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Love the Witch's Hat and the Pumpkin! They'll be perfect with the Halloween in a tin!

Glass Owl

Rise from the Grave Spread by cybermancer

Lay the cards out like so...

3 - Into The Night
2 - Raising the Lid
1 - In the Coffin

Position 1: In The Coffin. Draw this card from the bottom of the deck. Picture the vampire in the coffin. This position represents Energies and thoughts in your deepest inner core.

Position 2: Raising the Lid. Draw this card from the middle of the deck. Cut the deck evenly to the left or right (reader's preference) and draw the top card from the bottom half of the cut. Think of the vampire slowly raising or attempting to raise the lid of the coffin. This position represents challenges or obstacles that must be utterly destroyed or displaced in order to move forward or outward.

Position 3: Into the Night. Draw this card from the top of the deck. The vampire has overcome the challenges of raising the coffin lid and is now free to roam and explore the beautiful Night. This card represents the Blissful Dark Gifts of the Shadow that we can obtain from the Nocturnal Energies....but only after we have faced and defeated the challenges that stand in our way.

Glass Owl

Secret Fears Spread (from The Bohemian Gothic book) - Posted by Aerin in another thread


1. What is my secret fear?
2. How does it affect me psychologically?
3. How does it affect me practically?
4. What can I do to mentally to counter it?
5. What can I do in practical terms to counter it?
6. If this advice is followed, what is the likely outcome?

Gothic Arch Spread by mercenary30

I designed this spread for use with the Vargo Gothic tarot deck and it pays tribute to the deck as it has a number of cards whose main back theme is a gothic archway.

The Gothic Arch spread is designed as a quick heads up type reading when you are stepping out into something new. It is three cards that help focus on what you may be able to expect.


To be looked at as if you were standing in the arch looking out…..

P1 Right Jam Figure - What is expected.
P2 Hood - Where your head should be at.
P3 Left Jam Figure - What is not expected.

Glass Owl

Patty's Feeding Fear Spread (5) - Posted by Liliana


The design is simple: card one in the middle, 2
beneath it, three to the left, 4 above, and 5 to the right.

1. What is it that I'm truly afraid of? What hidden or visible entity/situation is it that makes me avoid what it is I'd like to do/be?

2. Root of my fear What is the present or past situation that triggers this fear?

3. How do I feed my fear? What thoughts and self-talk am I using to allow my fear to exist?

4. What are my thoughts concerning my fear? How do I view it? Is it a friend and protector that I hold close, or a dark monster that I turn from?

5. What do I receive from my fear? What is the result of holding onto this fear? How does it occupy my daily life?