Confusing runes...


How do other people interpret the rune *Perthe*, or whichever name you know it as..?
It has been variously interpreted as symbolising the womb, and therefore basic creative fertility, with a feminine aspect,
or as the dice cup, representing a chance for 'fertility' in a growth and enrichment sense, but coupled with a sense of risk...
Personally, i tend to read it as a deep cave, perhaps like a womb of the earth, but mysterious, so you go in without knowing what else is in there, good or the Yin side of the tao...

anyone have any other interpretations?


I see Peorth as both the womb and the Dice Cup, depending on the context of the other runes, and the question asked. For instance, if somebody was asking about parenthood, I would take Peorth to mean pregnancy, or fertility. If they were asking about a new business venture I would take it to mean chance, uncertainty, you don't know what you'll get from it until the outcome actually happens.

I have also interpreted it as taking a great risk, or gambling.




I read in a book that it represents something hidden or hints secrecy.
Oh how do you pronounce this rune?


Hi all!
I spell the name differently – Perthro and I pronounce it sort of like “pear throw”. To me, there isn’t much difference between the “dice cup” and the “womb” meaning. It wasn’t too long ago when the workings of the womb were very mysterious. Having a baby was a risk, just like the throw of the dice; maybe the baby would be a boy, maybe a girl, maybe healthy, maybe stillborn. To me the meaning is: mystery, something hidden, fate, memory, rebirth, fertility, magic, good lot (as in “a good lot in life”), knowledge of the fates and other similar concepts. As a murk stave it can mean such things as loneliness, emptiness, stagnation, malaise, and addiction. This runes definitely has an “out of your control” feel to it and a sense that you need to put your faith in the higher powers. I just re-read my discription and it sounds like I am describing the tarot card Empress sitting on the Wheel of Fortune! Now, that's a laugh! Anyway, these are my own feelings and I respect anyone else’s viewpoint, too.


I think these are how most people say them, although i may be wrong...

THe reason for the difference is that one is Old Norse, and the other is Anglo-Saxon...

I like your interpretation, but it seems so dark...I think, re the out of control bit does imply that you still have the choice not to take the don't have to throw the dice, or have a child...the decision has not yet been made...

btw, i use runestones, so i still don;t understand about this 'murk-stave' thing...Is it a general reversal, or is it more complicated?.


Hi Malachite,
I had to laugh when you said my description sounded a bit dark. I think you are probably somewhat correct. The runes come from a very old culture that is rich in beauty as well as brutality. I do feel a bit of primal energy in the runes that I don’t get from tarot. I think my descriptions sometimes reflect this primal side. As far as murk stave meanings are concerned, they are similar to the reversed meaning in tarot. It can mean a delay or obstruction in the meaning of a rune or it can mean the darker side. If you think of the regular meaning of a rune and then ask yourself what that meaning would look like in the shadows, with a blanket thrown over it or with evil intent then you begin to get the idea of the possible murk meanings. Murk staves can also be those runes that just don't speak to you during a reading or the ones that seem to be hidden by muddy water. Do you cast the runes on a casting cloth or do you pull them from the bag one at a time and place them in a spread like tarot? How about spell work or bindrunes? I am very cautious with bindrunes. It is like chemistry; if you don't know what you are doing, you can blow something up! Naw, I'm just kidding there, but I do think there can be some unexpected results with bindrunes. Did you buy your set of runes or did you find the stones and then mark them yourself? I had better shut up now or I will talk about runes all day!


Oh, the primal energy is definetly there...The runes express more human concepts than the never have to stretch to understand makes it easier to sort-of sum them up in only a couple of words, but it makes it harder to pin them down well and truly in a short sentence, i think.

Thanks for your explanation of the's the first one I've had so far that i actually understand!

My usual reading for runes is to take two together from the pouch, to form a more complex 'sentence' than a single rune would, and the two more singly...if the meaning is still obscure, I sometimes draw a fifth that sums up the meaning as close as possible in one symbol...I don;t usually place runes back in the pouch once i've drawn them..,
For more complex/time-consuming issues, I cast them over a piece of black cloth, although I still find drawing meaning from that to be a difficult process.

My first set of runes was one that Kiama bought me, plus a 25th that i added...not a blank rune, but a symbol that has personal significance for me...They are painted onto different stones...Tiwaz is on Tiger's Eye, Ansuz is on Turquoise, etc...
The set that I carry around inside my coat are a set of engraved pewter runes...a bit more substantial...It took a couple of readings before I could actually get any sensation of soul from them, since the character of each on is defined only by the engraving, not by the energy of a stone...but now I've got used to them, they actually give me quick, effective answers...I do tend to read them, take in the meaning, but not actually put it into words though, which means that by an hour later, I feel unfulfilled again! (I do have a readings book to write them down in, but it stays on a shelf at home...too risky to a diary!)

Re Bind runes, I feel comfortable with them if they include Isa, since that has a calming effect on the other energies at play...I have a bind rune pendant of Berkana, Isa, Wunjo, (with a hint of Sowelu), although it's been replaced by my new Mjollnir pendant (thanks kiama!)...The only reason i have not to trust it (the bind-rune) entirely is that I invoked Loki while consecrating it, then found out a few months later that Heimdall was more of my totem god...



I thought that bindrunes were easier to do and safer verses runescripts. Runescripts seem a lot more complex with a first and final rune. Bindrunes seem to be open to the imagination. From what I've read so far a bindrune will either work or not with no negative effect. I want to try doing this one day but I want to learn to right way to get the wood from the tree and the ritual along with the right moon phase to get it plus the right tree to take the wood from..ect. So many things to take in account. On another note...I seen several sets of runes that I apsolutely loved. Amthyst and (HEMATITE, just found them on the net) a light grey stone that was somewhat heavy but wow, I just can't remember the name of the stone. :( Anyway, I stop by a store on my way home yesterday, intent on picking up anouther book on runes but at last I got to talking with the lady at the store about tarot cards and auras and everything else under the sun and forgot!! By the way, she use a bowl thingie..(sorry don't know what it's called) but it makes a sound that you can feel in the charka's. (this one was for the heart charka) Wow again!! It like went on for like ten minutes. Ok I'm done babbling on for now. ;)


I think runescripts are a bit more involved than simple Divination...that might be why they;re dodgier than bindrunes.....hang on...there is something dodgier than bindrunes?..that isn;t a teen-asatru's half-baked plot to free Loki from the punishing tortures of Niflheim? learn something new every day.!


Have you ever heard Freya Aswynn chant the futhark? She has a CD called the Songs of Yggdrasil. Freya has her own unique style and I don’t always agree with her but the CD is an experience. Send me an e-mail: and maybe we can work out a way to let you listen to a sample.